Top 10 Scam Warning Signs: A Guide for Lightsaber Buyers

By Darth Pepsi Guest Contributor, YouTube Creator There is a psychology to collecting, a catharsis to spending money, and an extraordinary feeling of excitement after a long period of anticipation when your lightsaber finally arrives. In this digitally powered age of consumerism, powerful search engines, social media and word of mouth are powerful allies to … Read more

Lightsaber Scams: How a Good Sabersmith Goes Bad

Lightsaber Scams

Sometimes even a well-liked and established sabersmith (i.e. an individual who accepts lightsaber commissions) ultimately scams the lightsaber community, disappearing from the public eye and refusing to refund money and return lightsabers to buyers. Sabersmiths play a crucial role in the custom saber community by helping lightsaber enthusiasts turn their dream lightsaber into reality. A … Read more

4 Biggest Lightsaber Buying MISTAKES

Force FX lightsabers

Selecting and buying a lightsaber can be challenging. Let’s talk about the four biggest lightsaber buying mistakes to avoid. Watch 4 Biggest Lightsaber Buying MISTAKES on YouTube 1. Ignoring Buyer Protections for Lightsaber PurchasesIf a lightsaber order goes as planned, you send a seller your money, the seller sends you your order within an agreed … Read more