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KR Sabers 5pectre Five Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the Sabine Wren lightsaber in the Ahsoka series. KR Sabers offers 5pectre Five as an empty hilt (for display or DIY) or as an empty hilt bundled with a chassis and install kit (multiple install kit options). KR Sabers began accepting pre-orders in late August 2023.

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5pectre Five Lightsaber

5pectre Five Lightsaber Description and Specs

5pectre Five lightsaber is comprised of a machined 6061 aluminum hilt with a mostly silver and black finish with some gold and metallic red accents. Hilt comes equipped with a 7/8 in diameter blade holder. Kit includes both a blade holder extension and an accurate blade plug to complete the look of the hilt. Hilt may utilize both a dedicated spring plunger system and toggle switch system. Pommel uses discreet sound venting.

Although the hilt comes partially assembled, the end user will need to do minor assembly to complete the hilt. Required assembly includes: attaching the brass bar accents to the hilt and the Tri-ring to the side of the pommel. An ECO chassis for the hilt is sold separately.

In addition to offering 5pectre Five as an empty hilt only, KR Sabers also offers several empty hilt bundles with a chassis and DIY install kit. Bundles include a chassis (ECO chassis, ECO Crystal Chamber chassis, or high-end Master Chassis) and an electronics parts kit (including a soundboard of your choice). Bundles include most of the required parts to install the lightsaber. Note that installation requires soldering and the use of additional tools.

The 5pectre Five lightsaber project is a collaboration between KR Sabers and Jimmy’s Saber Junk.

According to Star Wars lore, Ezra Bridger give his second lightsaber to Mandalorian Sabine Wren. After acquiring the saber, she slightly modifies the design.

The Saber Armory (operated by KR Sabers)

KR Sabers is a United Kingdom based custom saber company, offering empty hilts, lightsaber parts and components, and install services.

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