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Permafrost lightsaber crystal is a rare icy blue lightsaber crystal originating from the planet Hoth in the Outer Rim Territories in Star Wars Legends. When installed in a lightsaber, the weapon will produce an icy blue blade. A few years after the Battle of Yavin, a spacer acquires the permafrost crystal due to their heroism during the battle.

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Permafrost lightsaber crystal (left) and lightsaber equipped with permafrost crystal (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Permafrost Lightsaber Crystal in Star Wars Legends

The rare and mysterious permafrost lightsaber is only found on the ice planet Hoth. Hoth, which is situated in the remote Outer Rim Territories. In 1 ABY, Luke Skywalker selects the planet as a new secret base for the Rebel Alliance. After an Imperial probe droid discovers the base, the Empire launches an invasion. The ensuing battle would become known as the Battle of Hoth. A spacer fights in the battle, choosing to align with the Empire or Alliance. The spacer earns a permafrost crystal due to their heroic efforts during the battle.

A permafrost lightsaber crystal is an icy blue color and produces a lively, icy blue blade when installed in a lightsaber. Only the individual who tunes the crystal for use in a lightsaber may utilize the permafrost crystal in their own respective lightsaber. Much of the backstory of the permafrost lightsaber crystal remains a mystery, aside from its origins on Hoth.

Behind the Scenes

The permafrost lightsaber crystal first appears in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Although the game first launched in 2003, game creators added the mysterious icy kyber crystal in 2008. During the game, a player chooses to align with Galactic Empire or Alliance during the Battle of Hoth and may earn a permafrost crystal due to their efforts.

The crystal is named after the real world term permafrost, a thick layer of soil in a cold climate that remains permanently frozen year round.

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