Sith Obelisk from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Everything You Need to Know

The Sith Obelisk is a decorative tabletop figurine with light effect from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Based on an ancient artifact in Sith temples, the collectible display piece is available exclusively from Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in the Black Spire Outpost. If you can’t visit Galaxy’s Edge yourself, some individuals may sell the item on secondhand market platforms like eBay [affiliate link].

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Sith Obelisk from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
The Sith Obelisk from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is a Disney Parks exclusive

The angular and menacing Sith Obelisk features a dark side color scheme of a weathered black exterior offset by red accents. The tabletop display piece measures around 10 inches tall. An illuminated circle and illuminated text written in the Sith language (i.e. Old Tongue) adorns the front face of the obelisk. A switch on the base of the obelisk enables the user to control the obelisk illumination. There are two light effect settings: on (solid light) or pulse mode.

The collectible is battery powered via a watch battery. Note that fast, erratic, or intermittent light pulse may be a symptom of low battery. Try changing the battery to fix the problem. Even a brand new, out of the box Sith Obelisk may include stale/depleted batteries. Some owners of the display piece also report that their Sith Obelisk came with a slightly crooked side support.

The box description for the Sith Obelisk reads, “Sith Obelisks are ancient artifacts seen in Sith temples. Force-wielders can illuminate the text of the side of the Obelisk to display messages.” The collectible is for ages 10 and up.

Sith Obelisk in Star Wars Lore

Individuals may seek out an ancient Sith Obelisk in order to learn the secrets of the Sith. Dangerous dark side energy often clouds and haunts the surrounding area, however.

Malachor Sith Temple and Obelisk (Canon)

The Malachor Sith Temple and Obelisk are constructed during the Old Republic era millennia before the rise of the Empire. Malachor, located in the Outer Rim Territories, is a rocky and barren planet. Jedi attack the Sith temple in what would become known at the Battle of Malachor. At some point during the battle, the temple’s ancient, kyber crystal powered Sith superweapon activates killing everyone on the planet.

In 3 BBY, Maul tricks Ezra Bridger and his companions into believing that placing a Sith holocron from the temple inside the obelisk would reveal the secrets of the Sith. When Bridger places the holocron in the obelisk, a giant laser shoots into the sky. A Sith entity called Presence tells Bridger that the temple is a superweapon. Bridger eventually manages to remove the Sith holocron from the obelisk, setting off a chain reaction culminating in the temple’s implosion.

Krayiss Obelisk (Legends)

Constructed sometime before 38,000 BBY, the Krayiss Obelisk serves as a gateway for accessing an ancient Sith library-temple. The obelisk is located on the Outer Rim planet Krayiss Two. In 4000 BBY, Jedi Knight Vara Nreem journeys to the planet’s obelisk to learn the secrets of temple and the Sith. When a Sith spirit within the ruins deems her unworthy, the spirit kills her and dooms her to suffer for eternity.

Ambria Obelisk (Legends)

The Star Wars roleplaying game Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi Companion (1996) mentions a Sith obelisk on the desert planet Ambria. An unidentified Sith sorceress oversees construction the obelisk during the Old Republic era sometime before the end of 5000 BBY. The sorceress enslaves the planet’s inhabitants and heavily depletes the world’s resources in order to complete the spike-shaped structure. The projects takes hundreds of years to complete.

Upon the completion of the structure, the Sith sorceress begins to imbue the obelisk with dark side power. She undertakes a complex and dangerous Sith ritual in order to seize power of the the entire planet. The sorceress loses control of the power. She ultimately unleashes an immense amount of dark side energy upon the planet killing all life on the planet including herself.

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