What is a Lightsaber Pommel? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightsaber pommel is the end cap or end piece on a lightsaber hilt. The term is derived from the butt of the handle of a real world sword. Real life lightsabers and custom sabers have a pommel or pommel section at the bottom of the hilt. Lightsaber pommels come in many shapes, sizes and designs (i.e. notched, knob, conical, etc.).

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lightsaber pommel
The lightsaber pommel on the left features sound vents. The one of the right features discreet sound vents (situated inside the circle on the bottom of the pommel) | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

Fixed Lightsaber Pommel vs. Removable Lightsaber Pommel

A lightsaber pommel is either fixed (i.e. non-removable/permanently attached) or removable from the hilt. The pommel section of the hilt may be fixed (i.e. non-removable/permanently attached) to a lightsaber hilt intended to simply serve as a display piece or cosplay piece. Some budget custom sabers may lack a removable pommel as well, meaning the wielder may only charge the saber via a recharge port and may not easily access the battery or internals.

Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX Lightsabers and many custom sabers equipped with electronics commonly feature a removable pommel or removable lower part of the lightsaber hilt. Removing the pommel typically allows the user the access the battery pack and sometimes other aspects of the electronics like the soundboard, recharge port, etc.

Some hilt models allow the user to remove the pommels from two hilts and connect the two hilts together with a coupler in order to form a Darth Maul like saberstaff.

Lightsaber Pommel Sound Vents

It’s common for lightsabers with sound to features sound vents. Sound vents are holes on the the lightsaber that allow the sound out of the speaker inside the hilt. Certain hilt designs may use hidden or discreet sound holes while others may use overt sound holes. Either way, if the lightsaber makes sound, the lightsaber needs sound holes in the hilt.

Stunt sabers (i.e. lightsabers without sound) and lightsabers intended for display or cosplay do not require sound vents.

Lightsaber Pommel Threading and Compatibility

Many lightsaber pommels are threaded, meaning the pommel’s screw threading allows the user to attach the pommel to the threaded hilt body. Since the threading size and pitch varies from company to company, pommels made by one company are NOT universally compatible with pommels made from another. Sometimes even pommels made by same company are not interchangeable.

The Custom Saber Shop makes a series of Modular Hilt System V1 (MHS V1) pommels. Many Ultrasabers lightsabers are equipped with MHS V1 compatible pommels. Additionally, some Kyberlight pommels and Saberforge pommels are interchangeable. If you’re uncertain if a particular pommel is compatible with your lightsaber, try asking the the lightsaber community (e.g. the r/lightsaber subreddit or various custom saber groups on Facebook).

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