Transparent Lightsaber Blade Color Meaning and History

A transparent lightsaber, sometimes called a clear lightsaber, is a nearly invisible lightsaber blade color in Star Wars Legends. A lightsaber equipped with the Ghostfire kyber crystal will produce a transparent lightsaber blade, one of the rarest, stealthiest, and deadliest blade colors. No specific Star Wars characters are known to wield a transparent lightsaber.

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There are no official images the Ghostfire crystal or a transparent lightsaber. Image depicts a different clear kyber crystal. IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Transparent Lightsabers in Star Wars Legends

According to Star Wars Legends, the rare, mysterious and dangerous Ghostfire kyber crystal produces a stealthy blade that is nearly invisible. Ghostfire crystals, like the blade color they produce, are transparent in color. The crystals are extremely rare and challenging to find. Ghostfire crystals are most commonly found and harvested from mountain peaks on planets in the remote Outer Rim Territories.

Unlike most lightsabers, a lightsaber equipped with a Ghostfire crystal is nearly silent and lacks the standard ambient lightsaber blade hum. The blade also produces an afterimage of the weapon’s wielder and their motions. The afterimage obscures the wielder’s true location and movements, confusing and disorienting an opponent. The blade’s properties of stealth and deception make a transparent-bladed Ghostfire lightsaber a truly dangerous and formidable weapon.

Behind the Scenes

The Ghostfire crystal is first mentioned in Endless Vigil (2016) and later in Gadgets and Gear (2019). Both are sourcebook for the Star Wars: Forces and Destiny roleplaying game by Fantasy Flight Games. Neither book provides an image of the Ghostfire crystal or the transparent lightsaber blade that the crystal produces.

List of Transparent Lightsaber Wielders

Star Wars Canon
• none
Star Wars Legends
• no specific characters
• a lightsaber equipped with a rare and deadly Ghostfire kyber crystal will emit a nearly invisible and nearly silent lightsaber blade

Since there are no official images of the Ghostfire crystal or a transparent lightsaber blade, this image depicts a different clear kyber crystal.

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