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Kybers Lightsaber is a custom saber company that sells entry level, budget friendly sound sabers on Amazon. The lightsaber fulfillment is handled by Amazon, meaning Amazon ships the orders and Kybers handles the customer service.

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Kybers lightsaber
A selection of Kybers lightsabers | IMAGE CREDIT Kybers

Kybers Lightsaber Description and Features

Kybers sells a selection of generic, OEM lightsabers. The OEM lightsabers are manufactured by one company and marketed, branded an sold as another company. In this case, the custom sabers are sold under the “Kybers” branding. The lightsabers are custom sabers, meaning they are not licensed by Lucasfilm.

Kybers lightsabers range in price from around $80 to $200 each. All of the Kybers lightsabers are comprised of an aluminum hilt equipped with an in-hilt LED, recharge port, and a budget sound board. The hilt designs are somewhat basic and are not inspired by the design of any character lightsabers. All of the company’s lightsabers include a removable polycarbonate blade, a charging cord, and an instruction manual. Although most of the Kybers lightsabers feature RGB color changing, the cheapest Kybers lightsabers feature a single LED color.

Since the Kybers custom sabers are OEM lightsabers, you can find the same designs along with similar designs on Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay, etc (search for LGToys and YDD Saber). Although many companies sell the same products, the custom saber prices, fulfillment speeds, and communication/customer service quality varies vastly from one company to another. Always research a company before buying from them.

In summary, Kybers lightsabers are feature-rich, low in price and ship quickly from Amazon (i.e. the order is fulfilled and shipped by Amazon). The budget friendly Kybers custom sabers may serve their purpose as a first saber for a child or adult. Nevertheless, if your saber budget exceeds $200, consider exploring some of the higher quality midrange to high end sabers from other companies as well.

Kybers sells affordably priced custom sabers on Amazon. Shop for Kybers Lightsabers on Amazon affiliate link

Image depicts various Kybers custom lightsabers

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