October 2020 Lightsaber Sales and Discounts

Here are October 2020 lightsaber sales and discounts from various lightsaber companies. Please contact me with additions or corrections.

Check back frequently for updates to the list. The list contains Etsy affiliate links, meaning if you click through and purchase an item I get some money. Thanks for supporting SaberSourcing!

LIST UPDATED: 10/6/2020

3DSabers (Etsy) United States seller
30% off
most 3D printed lightsabers installed with electronics

I3DPRINTIT (Etsy) United Kingdom seller
10% off all 3D printed lightsaber stands

LuckySylop (Etsy) Australia seller
15% off most lightsabers, blades, and accessories

Magmelcreations (Etsy) Canada seller
10% off select Jedi belts and Sith belts

Thundersabers (Etsy) Canada seller
10% off select lightsaber hilts

Ultrasabers Halloween Giveaway United States seller
October 1 to October 31, 2020
Free shipping on orders over $100. Additional freebies available for higher price tiers.
DISCLAIMER: The Ultrasabers website lists a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks. While some people are reporting their order got shipped within a week, there are widespread reports of longer than advertised lead times. There are also widespread reports of customers waiting weeks for a reply to an email.
See also: Large lightsaber group ‘formally denouncing Ultrasabers’

COVER IMAGE depicts lightsabers from various manufacturers. Please note that lightsabers shown in the photo are a sample only and may or may not be included in a sale.

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