Savi’s Workshop: 4 Lightsaber Themes Explained

Savi’s Workshop offers four different themes of lightsaber parts: Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature, and Protection and Defense. Savi’s Workshop, Disney’s build your lightsaber experience at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, requires each lightsaber builder to select only one theme of parts (called scrap metal) at the beginning of their lightsaber building journey. Let’s take a closer look at all four Savi’s Workshop lightsaber themes.

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Peace and Justice

The Jedi Theme
Peace and Justice is comprised of Jedi lightsaber parts. Peace and Justice parts are mostly metallic silver in color with some black accents. One of sleeves is nearly all black and a few pieces feature gold colored accents as well.

Power and Control

The Sith Theme
Power and Control is comprised of dark side and Sith lightsaber parts. Overall, Power and Control parts feature a lot of black. Both emitter pieces are mostly black. One crown-like emitter is sinisterly angular in design. In addition to black, Power and Control pieces contain a lot of metallic silver coloring as well and some of the pieces feature dark red accents.

Elemental Nature

The Nature Theme
Elemental Nature is comprised of nature and environment themed lightsaber parts including: Bantha hide, Brylark wood, Cartusian whale bone and a Rancor tooth. Elemental Nature parts are mostly metallic silver with curly, decorative embossing. Several pieces feature a woodgrain pattern. The unusual Rancor tooth pommel is arguably the most distinctive and striking part at Savi’s Workshop!

Protection and Defense

The Old Republic Theme
Protection and Defense is comprised of Old Republic era lightsaber parts. Protection and Defense parts have a regal ancient artifact vibe to them. Most parts are predominantly metallic silver colored with gold and bronze colored accents. The theme contains very little black, although one of the sleeves is mostly black.

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Which Savi’s Workshop lightsaber theme would YOU choose?

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