Force Relics Venator 2.0 Kanan Lightsaber Hilt Full Review

This is a Force Relics Venator 2.0 Lightsaber Hilt that I purchased second hand. In Star Wars canon, Venator-class Star Destroyers are Clone Wars era ships. Venator is also the Latin word for hunter. Venator 2.0 is not one single lightsaber hilt design, but rather a mix-and-match series of a few different combinations of lightsaber parts.

Force Relics (Etsy)

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Force Relics released Venator 2.0 in 2016, offering the hilts empty or installed with electronics. The company released at least 11 different mix-and-match combinations of parts, labeled Venator 2.0 A through J and Venator 2.0 Kanan”. My Venator 2.0 features a Kanan Jarrus style emitter shroud and tsuba (hand-guard).

The multi-piece hilt is comprised of four main pieces: the blade holder (emitter), tsuba (handguard), main body, and pommel. The hilt also features a heatsink inside the hilt. The blade holder, main body, and pommel are all threaded.

Moving down the hilt, below the tsuba there are two groove followed by a slight taper and a 12mm activation switch hole. The main body of the hilt is mostly smooth with a few small and shallow grooves along with a few larger and deeper grooves. The black Covertec wheel at the base of he hilt is made of aluminum. Finally, the removable pommel (end cap) is vented with sound holes on the bottom. Force Relics offered an optional blade plug as well. The blade plug design mirrors and complements the pommel design.

Overall, the Force Relics Venator 2.0 Kanan lightsaber hilt is minimalistic, yet elegant in design. Force Relics (FR) is a Belgium-based custom saber company that operates an Etsy store an also their own website. The company sells empty hilts, installed hilts, and lihtsaber parts.

Force Relics Etsy Store [affiliate link]

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