Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers are FINALLY back in stock…for now

Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers, a popular and sought after item in the Saberforge store, are finally back in stock as of July 14, 2018. Lightsaber enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for Mystery Box Sabers to come back in stock for several months now.

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Saberforge had previously stated in the now defunct Saberforge forums, “For the most part mystery sabers are what we have left over after doing conventions. Our next few conventions aren’t till April so I don’t see them coming back before May. Sorry guys.”

The current batch of Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers differs from previous batches in a few ways. First, the current batch ONLY includes sound sabers. Previous batches of Mystery Box Sabers had included a cheaper, Mystery Box Saber batch primarily comprised of stunt sabers (no sound) and a pricier guaranteed sound Mystery Box Saber batch. Mystery Box Sound Sabers cost $250 each. Another way the current batch of Mystery Box Sabers differs from previous batches is Saberforge is disclosing the ENTIRE list of available lightsabers in the batch by name. Disclosing the lightsaber names increases the transparency of the product by giving buyers an idea of which lightsabers and which type of lightsabers they could receive as a Mystery Box Saber.

This batch of Mystery Box Sabers will likely sell out pretty quickly, due to strong demand for Mystery Box Sabers and also due to the fact that Mystery Box Sabers have been out of stock for several months. Saberforge does replenish their Mystery Box Saber inventory after attending conventions, but Mystery Box Saber availability is somewhat erratic and sporadic.

Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers are available through the Saberforge website only. Unfortunately, the Saberforge Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK] does not carry Mystery Box Sabers.


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Have you purchased a Saberforge Mystery Box Saber? Which hilt model did you receive?

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