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The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community is a custom lightsaber collecting Facebook group that was started by custom saber manufacturer Vader’s Vault. With 17,500+ members, The Vault is a very large lightsaber group. The group is open to discussion of all saber companies, but it still has a bit of a Vader’s Vault slant.

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The Vault is a versatile, and active saber community. Members discuss a variety of lightsaber related topics including: new products, new technologies, troubleshooting, showing off custom work, etc. The group also allows buying, selling and trading lightsabers and lightsaber accessories.

The Vault is a closed group, which mean you have to be manually approved before you can join the group. The Vault is also leery of adding brand new Facebook users, but other than that it’s very easy to join the group. All you need to do is answer a few easy lightsaber questions.

One of the big perks of joining The Vault is the buying and selling section. What’s nice about selling items through The Vault is there are no listing fees or final value fees and the buyer can send payment to you via Paypal. Paypal does levy a transaction fee, however, but it’s nice not having to pay any listing fees or final value fees like you would if you sold the item on eBay.

It’s also pretty easy to list something for sale: just add a few photos and brief description. The main downside of selling on The Vault is you’re limiting your reach more than if you sold the same item on eBay [affiliate link], but it might be worth trying out anyway. On the flip side, you may be able to find a unique lightsaber or a good deal on a lightsaber in the group.

The Vault: A Custom lightsaber community

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