Every Lightsaber Color in Star Wars Canon: A Complete Guide

Every lightsaber color

Every lightsaber blade color in Star Wars has a story. Though Jedi commonly wield blue or green lightsabers and Sith commonly wield red lightsabers, eight other lightsaber colors exist in Star Wars Canon. Each lightsaber’s blade color is determined by the kyber crystal, the heart of every lightsaber. Jedi bond with their lightsaber’s kyber crystal … Read more

Berusal Lightsaber (SWTOR Lightsaber) | Lightsaber Profile

The Berusal lightsaber is a single-bladed magenta lightsaber wielded by Berusal in Star Wars Legends. Berusal is an Old Republic era human male member of the Scions of Zakuul. A subgroup of Valkorion’s Knights of Zakuul, the Scions dedicate themselves to seeing future through Force visions and strongly believe in fate. Berusal Lightsaber in Star … Read more

Vanat Lightsaber (SWTOR Lightsaber) Lightsaber Profile

Vanat lightsaber

The Vanat lightsaber is a single-bladed magenta lightsaber wielded by Vanat, a member of the Scions of Zakuul in Star Wars Legends. The Scions, a subgroup of the Knights of Zakuul, possess the ability see the future through Force visions. The Scions strongly believe in their visions and the concept of fate and destiny. RELATED … Read more

REVIEW Crosspoint Sabers Dueling Lightsaber ‘Spirited Elegance’ | Slanted Emitter, Paracord Wrap

Crosspoint Sabers Dueling Lightsaber

This a Crosspoint Sabers Dueling Lightsaber. The custom saber is an original, simple, pragmatic design intended for dueling.

Pink Lightsaber Blade Color Meaning and History in Star Wars

pink lightsabers

A pink lightsaber or a magenta lightsaber, is a rare lightsaber blade color. In Star Wars Canon, Cal Kestis may optionally wield a magenta-bladed lightsaber in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019). In Star Wars Legends, the first Mara Jade lightsaber emits a magenta blade. A magenta lightsaber is also a playable … Read more