Blue Lightsaber Blade Color Meaning and History

Blue lightsaber blade color meaning

A blue lightsaber is one of the most common lightsaber blade colors for Jedi. Blue lightsaber blade colors range widely from light blue, medium blue to dark blue. In Star Wars Canon, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rey Skywalker, Ben Solo and many other Jedi use blue-bladed lightsabers. In Star Wars Legends, Jedi Guardians, who specialize … Read more

Jude Rozess Lightsaber | Lightsaber Profile

Jude Rozess lightsaber

The Jude Rozess lightsaber is a single-bladed green lightsaber wielded by Jedi Knight Jude Rozess in Star Wars Legends. Jude Rozess is a Rise of the Empire era female human Jedi Knight. She serves as a Jedi Peacekeeper in the Temple Security Force until her death during the Yinchorri raid on the Jedi Temple. Jude … Read more