What is a contained energy axe? | Lightsaber Terminology

A contained energy axe, sometimes colloquially referred to as a lightsaber axe or a light-axe, is a rare lightsaber variation featuring an axe-head style blade. The weapon runs on a diatium power cell. When activated, the long-handled, exotic lightsaber emits an axe head blade comprised of a magnetically contained energy blade. More cumbersome and unwieldy … Read more

Saberforge Crusader Lightsaber ‘Plasma axe’ | New Saber Alert

The Saberforge Crusader lightsaber has been released. The custom ‘plasma axe’ saber, an original design, is similar to the contained energy axe (i.e. laser ax). The lightsaber, which includes two crusader style polycarbonate axe blades, is available as an empty hilt, stunt saber, or sound saber (in-hilt configuration). The Saberforge Crusader lightsaber was initially released … Read more