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AusSabers Guardian lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, an in-house AusSabers design, features an angled emitter and a series of vertical grip bars with rounded ends. AusSabers offers Guardian, a limited run, configured as: Xeno3 RGB (baselit sound saber), Xeno3 Pixel (budget pixel saber), or as Proffie (premium pixel saber). AusSabers released Guardian in mid May 2023.

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AusSabers Guardian Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT AusSabers

AusSabers Guardian lightsaber is comprised of a machined aluminum hilt with a metallic silver finish throughout. The shoto-length hilt measures 245 mm long and is suitable for a one-handed grip style. Outside diameter (OD) ranges from 33 to 37 mm. The angled emitter gives the hilt a classic look and profile. A low profile control box assembly below the emitter features a removable plunger switch. A series of variable-length vertical bars encircle the lower grip section. The removable vented pommel features a tapered design and flat end.

AusSabers offers Guardian in three electronics configurations: Xeno3 RGB (budget baselit sound saber with blade), Xeno3 Pixel (budget pixel saber with pixel blade), or Proffie (premium pixel saber with pixel blade). All three configures come pre-loaded with sound fonts and include a 1 inch diameter blade. The Xeno3 RGB saber comes with a standard blade while the Xeno3 Pixel and Proffie sabers each come with a pixel blade.


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