Canada Lightsaber Sellers and Artisans You Should Know About

Looking to buy a custom lightsaber from Canada lightsaber sellers? While the following companies may interest lightsaber enthusiasts from anywhere in the world, Canadian buyers may enjoy purchasing closer to home and enjoy saving money and shipping and customs fees.

Whether you’re looking for a neopixel lightsaber, a cool saber stand, or a one-of-a-kind creation, this is the list of Canadian custom saber companies you’re looking for! Let’s Canada-based lightsaber and lightsaber accessory companies.

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Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. SaberSourcing does not necessarily endorse the product or services. Research a company before buying from them.

1. Electrum Sabercrafts
Products: pixel sabers, base-lit sabers and accessories
Price: midrange

Electrum Sabercrafts is a stand-alone website that exclusively sells their own in-house saber designs. The company sells Smart Sabers, Bluetooth-equipped sabers with customizable features on the fly via the Electrum Unity App. While some of their sabers take some design inspiration from character hilts, others are an entirely custom design.

Electrum Sabercrafts offers both pixel sabers and base-lit sabers. Both types operate on the Diatium 3 Saber Core, a propriety Electrum Sabercrafts board. Additionally, all Electrum Sabercrafts sabers utilize a signature, low profile touch switch activation system. While most of the sabers of midrange, the Neophyte Smart Saber is an elegant, budget-friendly start saber.

Canada Lightsaber Seller Electrum Sabercrafts

2. Davinium Customs
Products: empty hilts, baselit and pixel sabers (some crystal chamber options), one-off mystery sabers, high-end one-of-one
Price: midrange to high end

Davinium Customs is a saber artisan offering stunning Moon Tier sabers, which are one-off mystery sabers (i.e. buyer doesn’t know the design in advance). Each Moon Tier saber is unique, and crafted with an in-universe design sensibility. Moon Tier saber are offered empty, installed, or installed with a crystal chamber. The company selects the saber electronics in a case-by-case manner to suit the particular saber, but is open to discussing the electronics with the buyer after the purchase.

Davinum Customs also make high-end masterpieces, particularly excelling in ornate metal chassis and crystal chambers.

Canada lightsaber seller Davinium Customs

3. Quest Design Canada
Products: metal lightsaber stands with backlighting, display plaques, insignia plaques
Price: midrange to high end

If you’re looking for a sleek and classy way to display your lightsabers hilts, Quest Design Canada stands are worth a look. The company crafts high-end, laser cut metal lightsaber stands with attractive backlighting. Most stands feature the signature Death Star corridor pattern backlighting with single color or RGB color changing. Quest Design Canada single hilt display and multi-hilt displays. The company will work with you if you need custom bracket sizing/spacing.

In addition to making saber stands, Quest Design Canada also offers display plaques and insignia plaques to complement a lightsaber display.

Canada lightsaber stand seller Quest Design Canada

4. Genesis Custom Sabers
Products: pixel sabers, high-end customized
Price: midrange to high-end

Genesis Customs Sabers is a seasoned and respected veteran within the saber community. The company offers a selection of in-house lightsaber designs including the curved-hilt Badaxx and Corran Horn inspired Speeder. All sabers are installed pixel sabers.

In addition to offering the basic production sabers, Genesis Custom Sabers periodically releases one-off customized production sabers with powdercoating, weathering, unique etchings and other customizations.

Canada lightsaber seller Genesis Custom Sabers

5. Magmelcreations
Products: Jedi belts, pouches, props, blaster holsters, etc.
Price: midrange to high-end

If you’d like wear a Jedi belt with your lightsaber, Magmelcreations has got you covered. The company specializes in leatherwork, handcrafting many Prequel Trilogy inspired genuine leather Jedi belts along with some other eras including High Republic. The owner guarantees that the products will be approved by costume organizations like the Rebel Legion or they say they will modify the item for free. Magmelcreations also offers belt pouches, Jedi food capsules, blaster holsters and other props.


A Few Words About Kaizen Saber

A word of caution, the company Kaizen Saber is also based in the Canada, but has fallen out of favor in recent years. Quite a few buyers allege: that they never received their order after waiting 2-3+ years, that the seller is not responding to their messages, and that they did not receive their money back. The company last posted on their Facebook page in June 2021. At best, the situation may be a classic example of how good sabersmiths go bad.

Prior to falling out of favor, Kaizen Saber specialized in elegant katana style sabers including Okami and a Darksaber inspired design called Darksai. The company also specialized in ornate etching and weathering. These sabers occasionally turn up for sale in the secondary markets, particularly in lightsaber groups on Facebook, so you may be able to snag one that way.

Kaizen Saber Okami lightsaber

Additional Canadian Sellers

Azy’s Workshop (Facebook)
Dale Sabers (Facebook)
Moon’s Custom Armory (Facebook)
Solid Sabers (Facebook)
Inspira Designs (Facebook) (possibly inactive)
Island Custom Saber Supply (Facebook)
West Coast Saber Installations (Facebook)

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