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Atom Sabers Gungi lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, which takes inspiration from the Wookiee Jedi Gungi’s lightsaber, features a genuine wooden hilt with weathered brass accents in the emitter. Atom Sabers initially made the hilt available to buyers who had purchased other Youngling inspired sabers from the company and offered some remaining units for purchase on Facebook and Etsy.

The company launched the Gungi lightsaber, a limited run or empty hilts (for DIY), in late 2022. Although the initial hilt run is currently sold out, Atom Sabers stated in late May 2023 that they “hope to make more in next months”.

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Atom Sabers Gungi Lightsaber (genuine wooden hilt) | IMAGE CREDIT Atom Sabers
Atom Sabers Gungi Lightsaber (genuine wooden hilt) | IMAGE CREDIT Atom Sabers

The Atom Sabers Gungi lightsaber is comprised of a mostly genuine wood hilt with an aluminum core and brass accents. Brass emitter shrouds feature etched, curvy detailing and weathering. Two brass buttons attach to the front of the shroud while a removable brass greeblie on the rear also serves as a blade retention screw.

Hilt has an inside diameter (ID) of 19mm. Blade holder accepts a 7/8 inch diameter blade. Hilt kit includes an aluminum truncated cone style blade plug. A black Covertec wheel attaches to the lower part of the hilt. Remove the Covertec wheel to remove the hilt pommel. Empty hilt is suitable for display or may be installed with electronics.

Atom Sabers Gungi lightsaber completes the Atom Sabers collection of custom Youngling inspired hilts. The collection is inspired by the Youngling sabers in “The Gathering”, and episode of The Clone Wars animated series. Other Youngling custom hilts in the collection include: Katooni, Zatt, Byph, Petro, and Ganodi.

Atom Sabers, based in Spain, is a custom saber company specializing in limited runs of niche character inspired hilts, including several clan sabers and several hilts inspired the Youngling in Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series.

Atom Sabers affiliate link
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