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Anakin Starkiller The Rescuer Lightsaber hilt kit has been released. The custom saber, a thin neck saber, is inspired by the Luke Skywalker lightsaber in The Mandalorian episode “The Rescue”. Rescuer is available as a machined aluminum empty hilt kit capable of accepting electronics (some painting and assembly required). Anakin Starkiller, who operates the store At Stars’ End, released The Rescuer in mid November 2022.

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Anakin Starkiller The Rescuer Lightsaber painted and assembled (left) and disassembled kit parts (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Anakin Starkiller (aka At Stars’ End)

The Rescuer lightsaber hilt is comprised of a machined 6061 aluminum hilt kit that may be displayed or installed with electronics. Kit features two different emitter/grenade grip assemblies: a Hero version and a Stunt version. Hilt kit includes the necessary aluminum parts. Piece for the control box include: a brass control box card, acrylic red and green triangles, and delrin side switch. Kit also includes a tri-ring for the gear style section near the bottom of the lower body section.

Hilt kit comes in raw aluminum. The end user must paint, sand, and glue the parts to complete the hilt. Electronics are not included.

At Stars’ End (operated by Anakin Starkiller)
Stars’ End (operated by Anakin Starkiller)

Anakin Starkiller (RPF Premium Member)

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