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The Dahgee lightsaber crystal is a rare kyber crystal originating from the Mid Rim planet Dahgee in Star Wars Legends. During the era of the Galactic Republic, Dahgee Jedi would mine and utilize the crystal during the construction of their lightsaber. The crystal produces an uncommon zigzagging blade with a dark core and lively, brightly colored aura.

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Dahgee Lightsaber Crystal
Dahgee Lightsaber Crystal | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Dahgee Lightsaber Crystal in Star Wars Legends

The Dahgee ligthsaber crystal originates from the planet Dahgee. When installed inside a lightsaber, the crystal produces a distinctive zigzag blade with a dark core and brightly colored aura.

Mid Rim planet Dahgee is the homeworld of the Dahgee Jedi, a sect of Jedi affiliated with the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic. Jedi from the planet would construct their lightsabers using the Dahgee crystal. The Jedi mostly remain on their homeworld and operate autonomously from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Nevertheless, a Dahgee Jedi typically wears a distinctive tunic with horizontal strips, denoting their strong loyalty to the Jedi Order. By the time of the Clone Wars, the mysterious Dahgee Jedi are considered extinct. Some of their clothing and lightsabers remain, however.

The Dahgee lightsaber crystal is not currently part of Star Wars canon.

Behind the Scenes

Dahgee Jedi and lightsabers using the Dahgee lightsaber crystal first appear in Star Wars Legends in the video game Star Wars: The Clone Wars Adventures. The massively multiplayer online game, which is set during the Clone Wars, launched in 2010 and was shut down in 2014.

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