Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Spork Souvenir: Everything You Need to Know

Ah, the notorious Galaxy’s Edge spork. Who knew that that a simple eating utensil could stir up thievery, inspire a cult following, and become one of the most sought after Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge souvenirs?

When Galaxy’s Edge first opens in 2019, Disney decides to use a metal spork as one of many the charming in-universe details inside the park alongside the other worldly “thermal detonator” Coke bottle and other rugged, lived-in universe elements. But not all goes as planned at the Disney Parks.

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Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Spork | IMAGE CREDIT Disney

Utensil Design

Oddly enough a spork, which is a hybrid utensil featuring a scoop like a spoon and tines like a fork, traces back its Earthly origins and history to the late 1800s. In modern times, metal sporks are mostly associated with campers and backpackers due to the lightweight and space saving nature of the utensil. Sometimes people will use plastic sporks at picnics or fast food restaurants as well.

Meanwhile in a galaxy far, far away, the metal Galaxy’s Edge spork features a dark finish and a wide, ergonomic handle with a trough for easier gripping. The proprietary, asymmetrical design feature fork tines on the left side of the spoon-like scoop. Notably, the design favors right handed individuals. Lefties are still holding out hope that Disney will one day release a left handed friendly design.

Care Instructions (and Rust Prevention!)

Wash the spork before using it. Hand wash only–the utensil is NOT listed as dishwasher safe. Watch out, the Galaxy’s Edge spork reportedly rusts easily. Be sure to promptly and thoroughly dry the utensil after washing it in order to prevent rust.

Spork Arrives at Galaxy’s Edge and Leaves Galaxy’s Edge (2019)

The coveted metal spork first becomes available to guests in 2019 at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Hungry visitors could use the metal ‘space spork’ while dining in at the counter service restaurant.

When Galaxy’s Edge first opens in 2019, Docking Bay 7 fills self serve tubs of sporks. Guests could select their sporks to use with their meal. The problem is guests start stealing the sporks as souvenirs. Some of the stolen utensils turn up for sale on eBay for hefty prices. To crack down on the thievery, the restaurant stops the self serve system. Employees instead hand sporks to customers individuals. Finally, due to the ongoing and persistent pilfering, the restaurant decides to do away with the sporks altogether, replacing space oddity with more standard Earthly silverware.

The pilfering problem at Galaxy’s Edge is not unique to the sporks. In the early days of the park guests steal, according to some news outlets, “anything without a price tag” from the park: Oga’s cantina menus, crew cards for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, and other items that were not for sale.

Return of the Spork as a Legit Souvenir (2020 to present)

In January 2020, the Galaxy’s Edge metal spork makes a triumphant and anticipated return to Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, this time as a legit souvenir with a $10.99 plus tax price tag! The restaurant now only sells the coveted space utensil as a souvenir inside a small canvas travel bag with a drawstring enclosure.

The beige, burlap-style bag features brown Aurebesh lettering that translates to “SPORK” in large print. Smaller print reads “Property of Docking Bay 7”. Is that “Property of Docking Bay 7” print a cool and edgy marketing phrase or a cheeky dig at the spork’s checkered track record of getting stolen from of the restaurant? We think the answer is yes.

Utensil Availability and Price

Docking Bay 7 limits purchases to only ONE Galaxy’s Edge spork per customer per transaction. No annual pass discounts on this item. The $10.99 price point makes the Docking Bay 7 Spork one of the more affordably priced souvenirs at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Consider that ever since the 2020 Return of the Spork, the sought after utensil has had some patchy availability at Docking Bay 7. No guarantees the utensil will be available during your park visit.

Where to Buy

The Galaxy’s Edge spork is exclusively available for purchase at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, a casual dining restaurant in the Black Spire Outpost. Park guests may buy the spork on site. Park guests may use the My Disney Experience app to make a convenient advance mobile order for the spork. Mobile orders still must be picked up in person. Mobile orders bypass the regular order line, however, and expedite pickup. Simply go the Docking Bay 7 section in the My Disney Experience app and then go to “Cargo”. Select and pay for the spork and you’re in business! Pick up your treasured space utensil at Docking Bay 7.

eBay Secondhand Market

Can’t visit the park? Some eBay sellers offer Galaxy’s Edge sporks secondhand, commonly at a markup. As of September 2022, the souvenir utensil is selling secondhand on eBay for around $25 to $30 each.


The Galaxy’s Edge spork uses a proprietary design, most notably featuring a trough down the handle off-center tines. That means you won’t find any spork EXACTLY like the Docking Bay 7 one outside of the theme park. Some other companies do offer somewhat similar metal utensils, albeit with a more symmetrical design. Two possible alternatives are:
Snowpeak Titanium Spork
TOAKS Titanium Ultralight Spork

Snowpeak Titanium Spork
Snowpeak Titanium Spork

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