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Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge released two brand new pommel (i.e. end cap) designs: a Rancor Pommel and Loth-cat Pommel. The pommels, which are compatible with Savi’s Workshop lightsabers, are exclusively available for purchase at the Creature Stall at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Although some park goer claims assert that both pommel designs are limited, Disney has not officially commented on the availability of Rancor End Cap and Loth-cat End Cap.

Can’t go the park? Try searching secondhand markets like eBay or elsewhere. The eBay user jokesonyou87 provided all photos in this article (photos used with permission).

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Rancor and Loth-cat Pommel/End Cap Description

Although the pommels are made to resemble clay or stone, they are made from some kind of polymer. The stony, carved animal head design give the pieces a gargoyle like quality. They also somewhat resemble animal head walking sticks.

Since each end cap comes with a black base, the Rancor or Loth-cat may serve as a stand-alone display piece. The end caps may also connect to a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber. Simply remove the black base to reveal a threaded metal section. The threaded section enables the user to connect the end cap to a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber. The Rancor features sound venting on the sides while the Loth-cat features sound vents on the rear.

The two new end cap designs are the first licensed Savi’s Workshop compatible end caps that operate outside of the four Savi’s Workshop themes of parts. The end caps are also currently the only creature head style end cap designs.

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