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The Neo-TriCree LED module, designed by ShtokCustomWorx in collaboration with WarSabers, easily and seamlessly converts a neopixel lightsaber into an RGB in-hilt LED saber. The device enables you to use the hollow tube blades designed for in-hilt LED sabers with your neopixel saber.

The Neo-TriCree LED module is available from the following sellers:
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KR Sabers United Kingdom
Guardian Sabers Australia

ShtokCustomWorx x WarSabers Neo TriCree LED module
ShtokCustomWorx x WarSabers Neo TriCree LED module | IMAGE CREDIT ShtokCustomWorx

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The Neo-TriCree LED module uses pogo pin PCB connectors on the bottom and is equipped with an in-hilt TriCree LED on the top. Essentially, the device converts the first pixel in a neopixel blade to an TriCree LED format instead. Using the device allows your neopixel saber to use lightsaber blades designed for in-hilt LED sabers (i.e. hollow tube blades without any electronics inside the blade). The device is compatible with with 1 inch diameter thin walled blades with a 7/8 in inside diameter (ID).

Neo-TriCree LED module Features/Specs:

  • Large copper heat sink for efficient High Power LED cooling
  • Built-in 55 kOhm “Blade ID” resistor between Data and GND
  • Brightest binned Cree XP-E2 LEDs
  • PCB compatible with TCSS/SCW/KR PCB’s
  • RGrB (Red, Green, Royal Blue) Tri-Cree LED module that works RGB Neopixel sabers
  • SinkPad II copper core MCPCB
  • Each of 3 LED channels are configured to drive connected LEDs at about 1000mA
  • Module can be custom modified to any color combination by the user (requires removing the driver PCB, changing current limiting resistors and resoldering LED wires)

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