What is trooping? | Lightsaber Terminology

Trooping is broadly defined as attending a fan convention or event in costume as a Star Wars character. A lightsaber prop replica may serve as a costume accessory, if the person dresses up as certain Star Wars characters (e.g Jedi, Sith, etc.).

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The 501st Costuming Legion characterizes trooping as “including but not limited to: raising awareness for a cause, promotional appearances, assisting in fund raising for charities, and just plain having a good time. ” (Source: 501st Trooper Survivor Guide) Trooping is best done with at least one other person or with a group like the 501st Costuming Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, etc. If a person attends an event with a costuming group, specific dress code and etiquette requirements may apply.

Trooping with a Lightsaber

Some people go trooping with a static lightsaber hilt prop, mostly wearing a lightsaber hilt prop on their belt (i.e. “belt hanger”). If an individual goes trooping with a lightsaber installed with electronics, there are a few extra factors to consider. Bringing extra batteries for the saber is a good idea since there may be limited opportunities to charge saber batteries onsite. Additionally, using a day blade may suit events, especially indoor events or events with a bright environment. Acquiring a blade sheath or bag, Covertec blade holder, or some other method of carrying a lightsaber blade separately from the hilt may be helpful as well.

For a more information about trooping along with safety guidelines and procedures, read the Trooper Survival Guide by the 501st Costuming Legion.

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