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Atom Sabers: Character Inspired Lightsaber Hilts | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Atom Sabers, a Spain based custom saber company, specializes in obscure character inspired empty lightsaber hilt kits. Many of the company’s hilt designs are inspired by less common character hilts. For example, Atom Sabers has designed and developed a youngling sabers collection which is inspired by the youngling sabers in season five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2012).

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Atom Sabers Byph lightsaber
Atom Sabers Byph Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Atom Sabers

The company has also released several more basic, ‘no-frills’, economical designs called: Lightflux, BlackRen, Renlud and Windlux, a simplified Mace Windu inspired design. The basic hilts are currently out of production.

Atom Sabers also offers electronics installs on their hilts and may configure a lightsaber as a stunt saber (no sound) or sound saber. The company makes additional lightsaber parts, including a coupler that can join together many of their hilts to make a saberstaff.

Some of the more basic Atom Sabers designs include: Renlud (left), Lightflux (middle) and BlackRen (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Atom Sabers

List of Atom Sabers Character Inspired Hilt
KF Lightsaber Hilt Kit (Kit Fisto inspired)
Byph CW Lightsaber Hilt Kit (Byph inspired)
Ganodi Lightsaber Hilt Kit (Ganodi inspired)
Kanan Jedi Temple CW Lightsaber Hilt Kit
Serenity Lightsaber Hilt Kit (Satele Shan inspired)
Out of Production
Plo Koon Lightsaber Hilt Kit
Hipori (Clone Wars inspired, inspired by the design of several Jedi Council members)
Avalon (Old Republic, Revan inspired)
Windlux (Mace Windu inspired; simplified)

Atom Sabers Etsy Store affiliate link

Image depicts Ganodi Lightsaber Hilt Kit (left) and KF Lightsaber Hilt Kit (right)

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