The Custom Saber Shop Releases Anticipated MHSV1 22.5deg Curved Extension Piece

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) released a highly anticipated new piece called MHSV1 22.5deg Curved Extension. The piece is the company’s first and currently only curved extension piece. The new curved extension piece joins The Custom Saber Shop’s existing wide array of straight MHSV1 extension pieces, including: slotted, ribbed, grooved, gear style, and blank styles of various lengths.

Unlike the existing straight extension pieces, the new curved extension piece allows lightsaber enthusiasts to add a Count Dooku lightsaber style curve to their hilt. The extension piece is threaded male on both ends.

The Custom Saber Shop currently only offers one style and size for the curved extension piece, although it’s possible the company could decide to add more length and angle options in the future.

The 22.5deg Curved Extension piece is part of The Custom Saber Shop’s MHS V1 line. Some Ultrasabers and Sabertrio lightsaber hilts use MHS V1 compatible parts (make sure your specific hilt is compatible).

The Custom Saber Shop MHSV1 22.5deg Curved Extension

IMAGE CREDIT: The Custom Saber Shop

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