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Kyberlight Launches 20% Off Store Wide Summer Sale (ends August 19)

Custom lightsaber manufacturer Kyberlight is have 20% off store wide sale that ends on August 19th. A 20% discount is a pretty good sale for Kyberlight. In addition to the 20% off discount, if you spend $300, your order qualifies for a FREE purple day blade. To get the discount, be sure to enter the promo code ‘Kyberboom’ during checkout.

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Even if you’re not interested in purchasing a Kyberlight lightsaber, the company sells other accessories and components that might pique your interest, including: blades, day blades, blade plugs, Covertec wheels, pommels, couplers, etc. As a reminder, some of the Kyberlight components like pommels and the coupler are compatible with SOME (but not all) Saberforge hilt models.

A 20% discount is one of the better sales that Kyberlight runs. The discount is quite high for both Kyberlight and custom saber manufacturers in general, so it may be worth checking out.

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