MASSIVE Ultrasabers Mystery Box vs Grab Bag Saber unboxing showdown (9 lightsabers!)

Today I’m doing a MASSIVE Ultrasabers unboxing of 4 Mystery Box Sabers, 4 Grab Bag Sabers, and one Random Initiate Saber (freebie item). I purchased 4 Mystery Box Saber and 4 Grab Bag Sabers in order to compare the Mystery Box Sabers I get to the Grab Bag Sabers, in terms of: hilt models, upgrade features, LED color, overall value, etc.

I don’t know any of the specific hilt models that I’m be receiving. I do know that at least one lightsaber will be an Ultrasabers Initiate model of some kind. Warning, the video is around 15 minutes long, so you may want to skip through some of the beginning to get to the good part (unless you enjoy seeing me wrestle with plastic wrap!). Alternatively, you can always enjoy the video at double speed.

Have you ever gotten an Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber or Grab Bag Saber? Which lightsaber did you get?

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