EVERY LEGO Ice Planet 2002 Set in the Space Subtheme

LEGO launched Ice Planet 2002, a space subtheme, during the peak era of LEGO space factions and rivalries. During the late 1980s to late 1990s time period the toy company developed a series of vibrant space subthemes. Each subtheme features signature color schemes and minifigure uniforms denoting the organization/allegiance of a character.

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The Ice Planet vehicles and the main ice station all feature a white a blue color scheme with signature trans-neon orange accent panels, radar dishes, antennas, skis and chainsaws to cut through ice! All minifigures in the series wear the super cool trans-neon orange visor with built-in antenna as well. The trans-neon orange hinged skis as well as the visors with built-in antennas are only available in two LEGO subthemes: Ice Planet 2002 and Time Cruisers / Twisters. Several sets in the series utilize white, hard plastic buggy wheels.

Sets from the series pair with Spyrius and Blacktron. Both organizations are bent on stealing research satellites and rockets from the Ice Planet team. Sets also pair with other 1990s era Space subthemes including: M-Tron, Space Police, and Unitron.

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When did LEGO release Ice Planet 2002?

LEGO released Ice Planet 2002 sets from 1993 to 1994. In 1999 the toy company re-released the Ice Planet Scooter set. All sets in the series are retired and are only available secondhand on eBay and elsewhere.

How Many Sets Are There in the series?

The Ice Planet 2002 series includes 8 different LEGO sets. Not technically part of the series, a minifigure only set called Space Explorers 6705 includes an Ice Planet Chief (Commander Cold) minifigure along with several other Space minifigures.

If you want even more sets for your collection, find parts lists and instructions for custom, fan made Ice Planet sets on rebrickable.

Official LEGO Description of the Ice Planet Subtheme

Krysto, an inhospitable world of ice, serves as a top secret satellite and rocket research facility for the Ice Planeteers. Commander Cold, the grizzled Ice Planet Chief, oversees the operations of the ice station and its researchers and support crew. Scientist and adventurer Doctor Kelvin conducts research on the planet, developing innovative snow treads, freeze rays, and hand warmers.

Despite the secrecy of the ice stations operations, the treacherous Spyrians steal many Ice planet research satellites and rockets whenever they get the chance. The Spyrians hide the stolen technology from the prying eyes of the Space Police while their loyal robots guard the bounty.


8. LEGO Ice Planet Satellite Plow 1704

Year: 1994
Pieces: 41
Minifigures: Ice Planet Chief (Commander Cold)

Ice Planet Satellite Plow, the final LEGO set in the subtheme, consists of a small vehicle with space for one minifigure driver. Set features a hinged satellite assembly, a series of six white buggy style wheels, and a blue plow blade emblazoned with the Ice Planet logo.

The Ice Planet Satellite Plow is one of two sets in the Rescue / Ice Planet Combo Pack 1722. LEGO only sold the set as part of the two-set bundle and not as an individual set.

LEGO Ice Planet Satellite Plow 1704

7. LEGO Ice Planet Scooter 1711 / 1731 / 3014

Year: 1994, 1999 (re-issue)
Pieces: 18
Minifigures: Ice Planet – Male

An Ice Planet team member pilots this tiny scooter using the hinged control panel. Black engines flank either side of the craft. A blaster and an iconic trans-neon orange chainsaw attach to the rear of the scoot.

The Ice Planet Scooter set, which contains only 18 pieces, is the smallest and simplest set in the entire LEGO subtheme. Additionally, this is the only set in the series that LEGO has released three different times under three different set numbers. The sets are: 1711 (polybag version), 1731 (boxed version), and 3014 (1999 re-issue). All three sets contain the same pieces.

LEGO Ice Planet Scooter 1711 / 1731 / 3014

6. LEGO Deep Freeze Defender 6973

Year: 1993
Pieces: 337
Minifigures: Ice Planet – Female (Doctor Kelvin), Ice Planet – Male, and Ice Planet Chief (Commander Cold)

The mammoth Deep Freeze Defender features a symmetrical design with at least two of everything including (but not limited to): two hinged cockpits, two sets of wings (four wings total) and two tails in the rear of the craft. A tiny one-minifigure support craft comes equipped with a magnet as well. Set also includes all three unique minifigures in the subtheme: Ice Planet – Female (Doctor Kelvin), Ice Planet – Male, and Ice Planet Chief (Commander Cold). Deep Freeze Defender, the largest set in the entire subtheme, stands ready to defend the ice station from raids from rival space factions!

LEGO Deep Freeze Defender 6973

5. LEGO Ice Station Odyssey 6983

Year: 1993
Pieces: 337
Minifigures: Ice Planet – Female (Doctor Kelvin), Ice Planet – Male, and Ice Planet Chief (Commander Cold)

The second-largest set in the series, Ice Station Odyssey is bustling home base for all of the Ice Planet operations. Large, trans-neon orange quarter dome panels shelter the command center. Two rockets stand ready for launch or transportation off-site. A four-wheeled buggy tows a trailer designed to transport one of the rockets. Another small craft patrols the area.

Set features a patterned baseplate with built-in ramp. Set also includes all three unique minifigures in the subtheme: Ice Planet – Female (Doctor Kelvin), Ice Planet – Male, and Ice Planet Chief (Commander Cold).

LEGO Ice Station Odyssey 6983

4. LEGO Ice-Sat V 6898

Year: 1993
Pieces: 133
Minifigures: Ice Planet – Male

Ice-Sat V consists of an eight-wheeled vehicle designed to deploy a rocket. Fold up the front trans-neon orange panel to access the minifigure cockpit. Fold out the doors in the rear of the craft to access the rocket. Use the magnetic rocket deployment arm in order to raise, rotate, and lower the rocket into position on the ground. Set also features a hinged antenna and detachable chainsaw, light device, and handheld satellite. Overall the set features lots of fun moving parts and detachable parts.

LEGO Ice-Sat V 6898

3. LEGO Blizzard Baron 6879

Year: 1993
Pieces: 76
Minifigures: Ice Planet – Male

Blizzard Baron packs a lot of features into a 76-piece set. The winged vehicle comes equipped with dual engines, a rear thruster, and a series of trans-neon orange skis. Raise the hinged trans-neon orange panel in order to access the single minifigure cockpit. An antenna and research satellite attach to the rear of the craft.

LEGO Blizzard Baron 6879

2. LEGO Celestial Sled 6834

Year: 1993
Pieces: 53
Minifigures: Ice Planet Chief (Commander Cold)

The Celestial Sled, a research vehicle, is equipped with a tall antenna and large radar dish both of which are trans-neon orange. The sled glides over the snowy and icy terrain with ease using a series of four long, white skis. Celestial Sled seats one minifigure pilot/researcher.

LEGO Celestial Sled 6834

1. LEGO Ice Tunnelator 6814

Year: 1993
Pieces: 23
Minifigures: Ice Planet – Male

The Ice Tunnelator, which seats one minifigure, features four white buggy wheels. A front-facing trans-neon orange chainsaw may rotate from side-to-side. The tool “cuts” through the thick ice on the inhospitable world Krysto. Trans-neon orange skis conveniently attach to the rear of the vehicle.

LEGO Ice Tunnelator 6814

LEGO Space Explorers 6705

Year: 1994
Pieces: 34
Minifigures: Ice Planet Chief (Commander Cold)

You can never have too many LEGO minifigures or accessories! Space Explorers 6705 is a supplemental set of minifigures and their respective accessories. One of the set’s figures is the Ice Planet Chief (Commander Cold). Set also includes three Spyrius figures and one Unitron figure as well. The Spyrius and Unitron figures, which are contemporaries with the Ice Planet figure, could visit (or raid!) your Ice Planet base.

The Ice Planet figure comes equipped with the wildest accessory in the set: a space chainsaw with iconic trans-neon orange blade and two skis attached to the side. If the skis are too strange on the tool, the figure could always where them on his feet instead.

LEGO Space Explorers 6705

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