Lightsaber Production: One-Off, Limited Run or Mass Produced | Lightsaber Terminology

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Lightsabers are typically produced in one of three ways: as a one-off lightsaber, as a limited run of lightsabers, or as mass produced lightsabers. Let’s take a closer look at each lightsaber production method. ONE-OFF LIGHTSABERA one-off lightsaber is a single one-of-a-kind lightsaber or prototype. A one-off lightsaber could be a DIY personal project of … Read more

Why don’t ALL Jedi use the same lightsaber hilt model?

lightsabers from various custom saber companies

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if all of the Jedi just used the same lightsaber hilt model? In real life, many products that we use on a daily basis are mass-produced. A car is common example. Assuming your car is a somewhat common and relatively recent model, if something breaks or goes wrong with … Read more