AusSabers Hunter Lightsaber (Dual Shroud) | New Saber Alert

AusSabers Hunter Lightsaber

AusSabers Hunter Lightsaber has been released. Hunter lightsaber, an in-house design by AusSabers, is an original design features a dual emitter shroud design. AusSabers created the hilt envisioning a solo assassin as the wielder. Hunter is available as a budget in-hilt LED saber or pixel saber (with budget Xenopixel or Proffieboard soundboard). AusSabers released Hunter lightsaber in … Read more

Starfall Sabers Curator Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Starfall Sabers Curator lightsaber

The Starfall Sabers Curator lightsaber has been released. The custom saber hilt, which is made-to-order, features dual emitter shrouds and brass accents. The hilt is the first oval profiled design by Starfall Sabers. Curator is available as an empty hilt ready for an electronics installation. Starfall Sabers (Etsy) affiliate link The Starfall Sabers Curator … Read more