Shadowfoil Props The Unshielded Lightsaber (SWTOR Concept Saber Inspired) | New Saber Alert

Shadowfoil Props The Unshielded Lightsaber

Shadowfoil Props The Unshielded Lightsaber as been unveiled. The custom saber, a limited run of 50 units, is inspired by concept art for the ‘Cyborg Jedi’ Arn Peralun lightsaber in the SWTOR. The ambitiously complex, high-end design boasts an exposed brass crystal chamber, an exposed grip section, and machined walnut sleeve. Shadowfoil Props began accepting … Read more

Arn Peralun Lightsaber (Cyborg Jedi) | Lightsaber Profile

Arn Peralun and the Arn Peralun lightsaber

The Arn Peralun lightsaber is an ancient single-bladed blue lightsaber wielded by Jedi Padawan Arn Peralun. Arn Peralun is an Old Republic era human male cyborg Jedi Padawan in Star Wars Legends. He serves the Jedi Order during the Third Galactic War and is the Padawan of Jedi Knight Tau Idair. Arn Peralun Lightsaber in … Read more