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The Rebellion Outpost is a family-run custom saber shop that makes limited runs of lightsaber hilts and also offers some lightsaber parts (e.g. plaques. The company has several lightsaber hilt run projects in the works, many of which are character inspired, including: a Fallen Order inspired hilt, Sifo-Dyas inspired hilt, Inquisitor inspired hilt, and a design called Frozen Inquisitor.

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The Rebellion Outpost 3D renderings of Frozen Imperialist lightsaber (top) and a Sifo-Dyas inspired design (bottom) | IMAGE CREDIT The Rebellion Outpost

Operated by Deanna Bellucci, The Rebellion Outpost first launched in 2015. The company is based in Idaho. Although The Rebellion Outpost started out by constructing PVC lightsabers, company is now designing and releasing metal hilts.

In addition to making lightsaber hilts, the company also offers display plaques, crystal chambers, and slubes (7/8 in ID tube adapters with slots that’s made for 1 in ID lightsaber hilts).

The Rebellion Outpost affiliate link

COVER IMAGE CREDIT The Rebellion Outpost
Image depicts a 3D rendering of The Rebellion Outpost Frozen Imperialist

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