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The Graflex Shop The Chosen One lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the legendary Skywalker lightsaber (i.e. Graflex saber). Graflex Shop offers the saber empty or as an installed pixel saber. The company is accepting pre-orders for the hilt, which is a limited run, and expects to ship orders in summer 2023.

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The Graflex Shop The Chosen One Lightsaber

The Chosen One is comprised of a metal hilt with vintage-like chrome plating in Graflex sections of the hilt. Hilt exhibits screen-accurate features and screen-accurate weathering (not shown in current photos). Hilt features a series of rounded, Master Replicas-style, T-track grips encircling the lower part of the handle. Other details include the red button near the top and bubble card-equipped clamp section. Hilt comes packaged in a padded box along with an numbered display plaque and an SP Sabers mirrored stand with clear plastic cover. Stand base is injection-molded ABS plastic. Additionally, stand features custom mounts fitted to properly display the hilt.

The Graflex Shop offers several hilt options including: Empty (Hollow), Static Shelf Queen (for display and cosplay only), Empty Saber Kit (for DIY electronics install, 1 inch blade holder, sound venting), and Installed Pixel Saber.

Installed pixel saber comes equipped with a blade holder (for a 1 inch diameter blade), chassis to protect the internals, and Sabertec Golden Harvest V3 soundboard. Features in-hilt accent LED to illuminate a blade plug (included). Saber comes pre-loaded with many different sound fonts including seven Graflex inspired fonts and a custom exclusive TGS font by sound font artist Kyberphonic. Pixel saber includes the battery and charge. Blade sold separately.

The Graflex Ship (TGS)

The Graflex Shop (TGS) is a United States-based custom saber shop specializing in replica Graflex flashes, hilts, and parts. The company manufactures the replicas in-house.

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