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The Vima-Da-Boda lightsaber is an ancient single-hilt lightsaber wielded by Jedi Knight Vima-Da-Boda. Vima-Da-Boda is a female human Jedi Knight who survives the Great Jedi Purge in Star Wars Legends. Vima-Da-Boda is part of the Sunrider family and is a descendant of Vima Sunrider. She speaks in the third person, referring to herself as “Vima.”

The ancient lightsaber is originally constructed in 10,000 BBY. Vima eventually gives the lightsaber to Leia Organa Solo, who wields the lightsaber briefly.

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Vima-Da-Boda lightsaber, an ancient lightsaber
Vima-Da-Boda holding her ancient lightsaber (left) and Leia Organa Solo wielding the lightsaber (right) | IMAGE Lucasfilm/Disney

Vima-Da-Boda Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

The Vima-Da-Boda lightsaber is a single-hilt lightsaber. The two-toned cylindrical hilt is metallic silver with gold/brass colored accents. The hilt features a flared emitter. The lightsaber is constructed by an unknown individual in 10,000 BBY.

An archeological dig uncovers the artifact in 790 BBY. An unidentified female Jedi Master acquires the lightsaber. She passes the lightsaber down to her male apprentice who becomes a Jedi Master. The unidentified male Jedi Master passes the lightsaber down to his own Jedi apprentice, Vima-Da-Boda.

Vima-Da-Boda studies the ways of the Force under the unidentified male Jedi Master. She later trains her daughter, Neema, in the ways of the Jedi as well. Neema becomes inpatient with the slow and steady pace of her Jedi training. Consumed by impatience, Neema turns to the dark side of the Force, flees her mother, and abandons her Jedi training.

Years later, when Vima-Da-Boda hears her daughter cry out in the Force for help. Although she rushes to help her imperiled daughter, Vima-Da-Boda arrives too late to prevent her daughter’s death. Enraged, she ignites her lightsaber and strikes down the warlord responsible for Neema’s death. She realizes she is being tempted by the dark side. For unknown reasons, she gradually over time loses her ability to sense or use the Force.

Surviving the Great Jedi Purge

Following the enactment of Order 66 and the ensuing Great Jedi Purge, Vima goes into hiding on Nar Shaddaa, a Mid Rim planet in Hutt space. Her weakened Force connection coupled with the high population density of the planet may have helped her avoid being discovered by the Empire. She briefly encounter Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi during his journey delivering the infant Luke Skywalker to the Lars family on Tatooine. She offers to give Kenobi her lightsaber, but he declines.

Several years after the Battle of Yavin she becomes imprisoned on Kessel for unknown reasons. There she discovers a young Force sensitive individual, Kyp Durron. Utilizing her weakened Force skills, she trains Durron in some minor Force skills prior to the Imperials transferring her out of the prison for unknown reasons.

How Leia Receives and Wields the Lightsaber

Later, Vima encounters Leia Organa Solo. Sensing Leia’s Force ability, Vima tells her about her troubled past and gives Solo a box with her lightsaber inside. Leia would later wield the lightsaber to cut off the hand of an Imperial Sentinel. Emperor Palpatine ultimately uses the Force to take the weapon from Leia and cause it to explore. In doing so, he says, “Such an OLD lightsaber is not a worthy weapon for you!”

Mentoring Luke Skywalker’s First Students

Eventually Vima-Da-Boda, fellow Jedi Purge Survivor Empatojayos Brand, and Luke Skywalker collaborate to train Skywalker’s inaugural batch of Jedi students: Jem Ysanna, Rayf Ysanna, and Kam Solusar.

Vima-Da-Boda’s ultimate fate is unknown.

Behind the Scenes

The Vima-Da-Boda lightsaber first appears in the comic book Dark Empire 3: The Battle for Calamari (1992).

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Dark Horse Comics/Lucasfilm
Image depicts Vima-Da-Boda and the Vima-Da-Boda lightsaber

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