What is a contained energy axe? | Lightsaber Terminology

A contained energy axe, sometimes colloquially referred to as a lightsaber axe or a light-axe, is a rare lightsaber variation featuring an axe-head style blade. The weapon runs on a diatium power cell. When activated, the long-handled, exotic lightsaber emits an axe head blade comprised of a magnetically contained energy blade. More cumbersome and unwieldy than many other lightsabers, the contained energy axe favors a wielder who is capable of channeling brute strength.

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Depiction of a contained energy axe in the book Star Wars: Knights of Fate (2018) |  IMAGE CREDIT Disney/Fantasy Flight Games

Behind the Scenes

The contained energy axe joined Star Wars Canon in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game source book Knights of Fate (2018).

‘Lightsaber Axe’ in Real Life

No officially licensed contained energy axe or ‘lightsaber axe’ toy or prop replica currently exists. Custom saber company Saberforge sells a Crusader ‘plasma axe’, which including two light-up polycarbonate axe blades. Custom lightsaber blade maker Ripper Blades makes custom, acrylic axe-head blades for custom lightsabers as well.

Custom Saberforge Crusader | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Disney/Fantasy Flight Games
Image depicts a drawing of a contained energy axe in the book Knights of Fate (2018).

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