The Santa Lightsaber You Never Knew Father Christmas Wanted

If Santa Claus wielded a lightsaber, it would certainly be the Santa Saber. And Santa Saber creator Mark W. Gray would know…he is Santa. Or at least he’s played St. Nick on TV. Gray played Santa Claus in the movies I Believe in Santa (Netflix, 2022) and A Hollywood Christmas (HBO Max, 2022) as well as a recent Dunkin’ commercial.

If his Santa cred isn’t impressive enough, Gray also created and starred in the Star Wars fan film “More Machine Now Than Man“. The film snagged multiple accolades at the 2018 Star Wars fan film awards including the long form Best Comedy award and long form Filmmaker Select Award. The Filmmaker Select Award, chosen by Lucasfilm’s Dave Filoni, is the top award at the event.

Mark W. Gray sells the fully installed neopixel Santa Saber in his Etsy store under the name mwgray. The saber features an ornate, ancient-looking hilt and a candy cane style blade!

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Santa Saber IMAGE Mark W. Gray

Santa Saber Description/Specs

All of the Santa Sabers are made custom. The hilt is resin construction with a regal gold and silver finish and ornate, scrollwork detailing. Saber is configured with two switches. A main switch turns the saber on and off. An aux switch controls effects (e.g. blaster bolt deflect, lockup, tip drag effect, etc.) and accesses menus. The main blade and the short candy cane blade are both polycarbonate pixel saber blades. Saber includes a rechargeable battery and a charger. A D-ring attaches to the lower part of the hilt, enabling wielders to wear the hilt on their belt.

Santa Saber comes fully installed as a realistic pixel saber with the Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX) soundboard. Saber includes all of the stock CFX sound fonts. Also includes a bonus Christmas themed font with jingle bells, Christmas bells and other Christmas sounds. You could also add JayDalorian’s festive (and free!) “Lightsaber of the Bells” sound font. You also may want to check out our list of even more free lightsaber sound fonts.

Mark W. Gray is an actor, director, cinematographer and inventor. He is based in Los Angeles, California.

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