Sith Gloves: “No Greater Symbol of Darkness” in the Galaxy

Sith gloves are a powerful and symbolic clothing item for dark side Force users. Although not all dark side users wear gloves, the clothing item is more commonly associated with dark side Force users than their Jedi counterparts. Darth Vader and Darth Maul are two of the most famous glove wearers in Star Wars. Kylo Ren wears the clothing item as well, although he does not consider himself to be a Sith Lord.

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Darth Vader making fist

Symbolism and Meaning of Sith Gloves

Many Sith gloves are black gloves crafted from leather or a leather-like material. Functionally, a glove is a garment that protects the hands from harm. A glove can protect a hand from abrasion, heat, cold, sun, wind, chemicals, particulates, glancing blows during battle, etc. A glove also covers up identifying features of the wearer much like a mask or hooded cloak hides the wearer’s face.

It’s easy to see why many Sith Lords choose to wear gloves since the Sith are powerful and aggressive warriors. The Sith operate stealthily from the time of Darth Bane until the rise of Darth Vader as well. As such, wearing gloves may both protect the wearer in battle and help the dark side Force user stay hidden.

Darth Vader’s Gloves: The Most Powerful Symbol of Darkness

"No greater symbol of darkness was ever made than this glove — the gauntlet that once covered Darth Vader's right hand."
― Kadann
from the young reader book Star Wars: Mission to Mount Yoda (1993)

Darth Vader’s black gloves comes to symbolize power, oppression and authoritarianism of the Galactic Empire and its metaphorical and literal stranglehold on the galaxy. Since his gloves extend past the wrist, they are referred to as gauntlets.

Some of Vader’s most famous moments in the entire Star Wars franchise relate to his gloves. He outstretches his gloved hand to to Force choke his enemies and subordinates fail him or disagree with him. In the Empire Strikes Back, Vader extends a gloved hand toward Luke Skywalker. The Sith Lord says, “Join me and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son.”

Darth Vader's gloves serve as a symbol of power in Star Wars

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NOTE: If you plan to join the 501st Legion, The Dark Empire, or any other costuming organization, please read their standards and requirements before buying any gloves or other Sith costume items.

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