9 Stunning Lightsaber Artisans and Their Staggering Custom Creations

Lightsaber artisans operate on a smaller and more personal scale than most larger custom saber companies with mass produced offerings. Many artisans accept commissions on custom lightsaber projects and develop bespoke models and other one-off creations. In short, they can make a dream lightsaber a reality! Sometimes artisans may also create a one-off design without a specific buyer in mind and then sell or auction the finished creation.

Let’s explore 9 custom saber artisans along with their specialties and some of their past projects.

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1. Starfall Sabers

Starfall Sabers (Etsy) | United States

Nick Cohen’s Starfall Sabers creates artistic, found parts style lightsaber hilts. Although the company has made some character inspired hilts, Starfall Sabers is perhaps most renowned for their custom commissions and popular Mystery Sabers. Mystery Sabers are one-of-one custom creations that the company describes as “aesthetically cohesive with the Star Wars universe and my past work”.

IMAGE CREDIT Starfall Sabers

2. The Outer Rim Outpost (by Gary Morris)

The Outer Rim Outpost (Facebook) | United States
The Mining Colony (Etsy) modular hilt parts store for DIY

Artisan Gary Morris operates The Outer Rim Outpost. Many of his sabers have a gritty, industrial sensibility to them. He is particularly known for his intricate, custom machined chassis and crystal chamber work. Hilts often feature weathering and sometimes etching, too. Although many of his sabers are one-off designs, Morris released a series of production sabers in 2020 called The Gnarly, The Thrasher and The Stoked. He also operates The Mining Colony Etsy store where he offers an assortment of modular hilt parts for DIY projects.

IMAGE CREDIT The Outer Rim Outpost/Gary Morris

3. Darth Alice Sabers

http://www.darthalicesabers.com | United States

Darth Alice Sabers accepts commissions to create custom, one-off lightsabers using manual machines. Darth Alice creates an extensive variety of saber designs made to customer specifications. Nevertheless, owner Todd Johnson’s signature katana style sabers, called SlimKota and Katana, remain some of his most popular customized creations. Johnson purchased his first custom saber in 2010 and began constructing his own custom sabers shortly thereafter.

Darth Alice Sabers
IMAGE CREDIT Darth Alice Sabers

4. Ripper Blades

Ripper Blades (Etsy) | United States
Ripper Blades | United States

As the company name suggests, Ripper Blades specializes in handcrafted, artisan lightsaber blades. Operated by Vee and Gary Ripper, Ripper Blades is known for pioneering artistic, flat acrylic lightsabers blades. In addition to offering a popular Darksaber blade, Ripper Blades also creates many creative flat blade designs inspired by real life swords, spears, arrowheads and other blades from around the world! The company also makes customized polycarbonate tube blades.

Ripper Blades, various flat acrylic lightsaber blades
IMAGE CREDIT Ripper Blades

5. Advanced Light Weaponry (ALW)

Advanced Light Weaponry (eBay) | Ready to Ship, United States
Advanced Light Weaponry (website) | United States

Advanced Light Weaponry (ALW) makes many of their handcrafted lightsabers from sturdy carbon steel, but uses aluminum, brass, and other materials as well. ALW makes custom, made-to-order sabers to customer specification. The custom saber artisan has created an extensive variety of designs for customers including: curved-hilts, claymore lightsabers, light-rapiers, and even an unusual ‘frozen-in-ice’ katana saber. The company offers simpler, yet still ornately detailed hilts in their eBay store. All of their hilts are hand-made one by one.

Adavanced Light Weaponry (ALW)
IMAGE CREDIT Advanced Light Weaponry (ALW)

6. Vader’s Vault customized Ready To Ship (RTS) Sabers

https://vadersvault.com | United States

Vader’s Vault, a slightly larger company than most on the list, makes a variety of high quality, production runs of custom sabers. Several times a year, however, the company pulls out all the artistic stops for a special Ready to Ship (RTS) promotion. Some of the sabers available during an RTS promotion are customized in a one-of-a-kind way with unique etchings, inlays, color combos and themes. Some hilts are also mashup designs, with color schemes, patterns and logos themed around other pop culture franchises.

Vader's Vault lightsabers
IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault

7. Arm on Fire Custom Sabers (AoF)

https://aofcustomsabers.com | United States

Arm on Fire Custom Sabers (AoF) designs, 3D models and fabricates high end custom saber designs in-house in New Hampshire utilizing CNC machining, milling machines, lathes, and 3D printing. The company has developed a particular reputation for specialization for making customized Jedi Temple Guard saberstaffs, including some variations with a functioning hinge component.

AoF has been commissioned to construct a selection of totally original one-off ‘dream saber’ designs and one-off obscure designs including various hilts inspired by the Dark Forces game series including: Yun, Jerec, and even Maw. A client may choose to submit a sketch of their idea at the beginning of the creative process before AoF designs and ultimately machines their one-off creation.

Arm on Fire Custom Sabers
IMAGE CREDIT Arm on Fire Custom Sabers

8. Kennedy Custom Props

https://www.kennedycustomprops.com | United Kingdom

A lot of the Kennedy Custom Props creations have a rugged, gritty, relic-like quality. Hilts commonly feature weathering, milled and machined detailing, and sometimes etched designs. Kennedy Custom Props accepts commissions on projects and also sometimes lists completed hilts in their store. The artisan mostly makes one-off creations, but released the Knight Hunter lightsaber microrun in 2022 and periodically creates other non-lightsaber props, too.

IMAGE CREDIT Kennedy Custom Props

9. Davinium Customs

https://daviniumsabercrafts.com | Canada

Canada-based Davinium Customs makes high-end masterpieces, and particularly excels in intricate metal chassis and crystal chambers. The company offers stunning one-off Mystery Sabers as well. Davinium Customs previously released Crimson Class Sabers, a build-your-own lightsaber line with mix-and-match emitter, grip, and pommel sections. The Crimson Class Saber line is discontinued, however.

IMAGE CREDIT Davinium Customs

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