Disney Count Dooku Jedi Legacy Lightsaber (Tales of the Jedi)

Disney Count Dooku Jedi Legacy lightsaber is based on Jedi Master Dooku’s curved-hilt lightsaber in the Tales of the Jedi animated series. Prior to turning to the dark side and becoming Darth Tyranus, Jedi Master Count Dooku serves the Jedi Order and mentors future Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Dooku’s intricately-designed Jedi lightsaber legacy hilt shares many design similarities to his Sith legacy lightsaber, including its iconic, curved-hilt design.

Disney released the Count Dooku Jedi Legacy Lightsaber in 2022. The hilt is available for purchase at Dok-Ondar’s Den inside Star War Galaxy’s Edge. As of November 2023, the hilt is also available on the shopDisney website. On shopDisney, the hilt currently has a limited time Black Friday price of $149.99 (reg. 169.99).

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Disney Count Dooku Jedi Legacy Lightsaber
IMAGE shopDisney

Count Dooku Jedi Legacy Lightsaber Description

The Count Dooku Jedi legacy lightsaber hilt measures about 13 inches long. Hilt is a mostly zinc construction with lots of lavish, chrome sections along with some matte silver and gunmetal gray accents. Grip section uses a black, textured, rubber-like material. A Covertec wheel and golden faux trigger are situated near the base of the hilt.

Although the legacy lightsaber is electronic, the saber only turns on when you attach a Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge blade (sold separately) to the hilt. Activate the hilt by sliding up the small switch below the emitter claw. The blade, which is capable of illuminating in various colors, only illuminates blue when attached to the Count Dooku Jedi legacy lightsaber. Hilt comes in a dark gray, cargo-style box. Press the blue Jedi emblem to unlatch and open the box.

Operates using three AAA batteries (included). Unscrew the pommel on the end of the hilt in order to access the battery sled. It’s good form to remove the batteries from the device if you won’t be using it for a while. Otherwise the batteries may eventually leak.

Dooku Jedi vs Sith Lightsaber Comparision

Although Dooku’s Jedi legacy lightsaber shares a similar overall look to his Sith legacy lightsaber, there are several noteworthy differences. Several of the differences make the Jedi version a bit friendlier and more “Jedi like” than the Sith version.

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  • Jedi version has matte silver and gunmetal gray accent colors
  • Emitter claw is shorter on the Jedi version.
  • Jedi version uses a rounded shroud near the emitter in the spot where the Sith one has golden trigger.
  • Both hilts activate with small sliding switches below the emitter (slightly different switch design).
  • Dooku Jedi hilt has a bit less black grip material in the lower part of the hilt
  • Jedi hilt has an small gunmetal shroud and mostly gunmetal pommel section (the Sith hilt is mostly chrome in this section).
  • Jedi hilt uses a shallower/slighter curve than the Sith version
  • When activated, the Jedi saber makes “lighter” and “friendlier” hum and swing sounds
  • Jedi hilt weighs about 2.5 lbs, which is 0.5 lbs heavier than the Sith version
Disney Count Dooku Jedi Legacy Lightsaber (left) and Count Dooku Sith Legacy Lightsaber (right)
IMAGE Disney Count Dooku Jedi Legacy Lightsaber (left) and Count Dooku Sith Legacy Lightsaber (right)

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