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Drya Thornne lightsaber is an orange lightsaber with thin, retractable crossguard blades. The lightsaber comes in the possession of Drya Thornne. Thornne, a humanoid individual, ascends to the rank of lieutenant in Bedlam Raiders, a group of marauders. Thornne wields the lightsaber in battle against Cal Kestis in 9 ABY.

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Drya Thornne Lightsaber (Retractable Crossguard Saber)

Drya Thornne Lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

Drya Thornne, a humanoid, is a member of the Bedlam Raiders, a group of marauders. Thornne eventually ascends to the rank of lieutenant in the organization. Rayvis, a powerful non-Force sensitive leader of the group, defeats many Jedi during the High Republic era and takes their lightsabers as trophies. At some point Rayvis presents Dry Thornne with lightsaber from his collection, signaling his trust and approval of the lieutenant.

In 9ABY, Thornne goes on a mission to the Shattered Moon of Kobah in search of an Abyss compass. The Jedi-invented device could guide a traveler to Tanalorr, a hidden paradise world. While on the moon, Drya Thornne encounters Cal Kestis in the upper level of a foundry. After Kestis finds the compass first, Thornne attacks Kestis with his orange lightsaber and wrist blasters. Kestis ultimately defeats Thornne and incorporates the crossguard from Thornne’s weapon into his own lightsaber.

Cal Kestis Crossguard Lightsaber

Cal Kestis wielding a crossguard lightsaber

Behind the Scenes

The original owner of the lightsaber is unknown. It is likely the original owner operated as a Jedi during the High Republic era and fell in battle to Rayvis. Drya Thornne and his orange bladed lightsaber first appear in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (2023), the sequel video game to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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