List of Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Figures and More

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection is a cross-series line of toys and role-play collectibles. Although a wide selection of 6 inch action figures dominates the line, the Lightning Collection also includes Zord Ascension Project collectibles and an assortment of collectible role-play items like helmets, power morphers, and power weapons.

Hasbro launched the Lightning Collection line in 2019. The toy company secured a toy licensing agreement in early 2018. Later in 2018, Hasbro purchased the Power Rangers franchise from Haim Saban for $522 million. The Lightning Collection line succeeds the Legacy Collection line (2013 to 2017) by Bandai America, the previous Power Rangers toy license holder.

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Description of 6 Inch Figures in the Lightning Collection

A typical 6-inch figure features realistic paint and detailing, highly posable 20 points of articulation, and a real-world proportioned body. Figure also commonly includes weapons and accessories, interchangeable hands, and an optional special effects part that often captures the movement of a kinetic energy style effect. The swappable head means you can pose a Ranger with their helmet or without. Ranger faces feature photo-realistic likeness of the character in the Power Rangers series!

How many Lightning Collection products are there?

As of 2023, there are over 120 of the 6 inch figures, 3 different zords and 13 role-playing collectibles including: 6 helmets, 3 Power Morphers, and 4 Power Weapons.

What is the recommended age minimum for Power Rangers Lightning Collection products?

The recommended age depends on the product. Many of the action figures are recommended for ages 5 and up. Zord Ascension Project products are recommended for ages 15 and up. Finally, all of the role-play items like helmets, morphers, and prop weapons are designed for adult collectors ages 18 and up.

Consider that there many reasons why a product may be recommended for a particular age group. Although small pieces and safety factor into minimum age recommendations, sometimes an item may be recommended for adults due, in part, to the fact that Hasbro expects mostly adult collectors to purchase the item.

List of Lightning Collection Remastered Figures

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Power Rangers franchise as a whole, Hasbro is re-releasing several figures in 2023. The toy company is re-releasing all six figures of the original Season 1 Mighty Morphin team along with extra accessories that were not included with the figure’s previous release.

Mighty Morphin Black Ranger I (TBD)
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger (December 2023)
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger I (December 2023)
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger I with Dragon Shield (December 2023)
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger I (April 2023)
Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger (April 2023)

List of Standard 6 inch Lightning Collection Action Figures

These are the standard waves of figures that are available at retailers everywhere. Store and event exclusive figures are listed in their own section later in the article.

Wave 15 (October 2023)

Turbo Red Ranger II
Lightspeed Rescue Blue Ranger
RPM Yellow Ranger

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 15 figures

Wave 14 (June 2023)

Buy Complete 4-Figure Wave from Entertainment Earth

Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger I
Dino Thunder Black Ranger
Mesogog (from Dino Thunder)
Dino Fury Blue Ranger II

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 14

Wave 13 (January 2023)

Buy Complete 4-Figure Wave from Entertainment Earth

Wild Force Putrid
Dino Charge Blue Ranger
Beast Morphers Yellow Ranger
Dino Fury Green Ranger

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 13

Wave 12 (December 2022)

Mighty Morphin Black Ranger II
Lost Galaxy Green Ranger
Wild Force Blue Ranger
Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 12

Wave 11 (April 2022)

Buy Complete 4-Figure Wave from Entertainment Earth

Silver Cog (from Zeo)
Wild Force Lunar Wolf Ranger
Dino Charge Pink Ranger
Dino Fury Red Ranger

Wave 10 (September 2021)

Hasbro delayed the In Space Pink Ranger release until January 2022 in order to correct a paint error on the figure.

Zeo Ranger II – Yellow
Turbo Phantom Ranger
In Space Pink Ranger
Dino Charge Green Ranger

Wave 9 (June 2021)

Buy Complete 4-Figure Wave from Entertainment Earth

Tenga Warriors (from Mighty Morphin Season 3)
In Space Black Ranger
Lost Galaxy Blue Ranger
S.P.D. B-Squad Green Ranger

Wave 8 (March 2021)

Zeo Ranger IV – Green
Lost Galaxy Red Ranger
Dino Thunder Blue Ranger
S.P.D. B-Squad Pink Ranger

Wave 7 (December 2020)

Mighty Morphin Green Ranger
Z Putty Patroller (from Mighty Morphin Season 2)
Dino Thunder Red Ranger

Wave 6 (September 2020)

Mighty Morphin Black Ranger I
Goldar (Wingless) from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Zeo Ranger V – Red
In Space Yellow Ranger

Wave 5 (June 2020)

Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger
Zeo Gold Ranger I
Time Force Red Ranger II
Ranger Slayer (from Shattered Grid)

Wave 4 (March 2020)

Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger I
Zeo Ranger III – Blue
S.P.D. B-Squad Red Ranger I
Beast Morphers Cybervillain Blaze

Wave 3 (October 2019)

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger I
Dino Charge Gold Ranger
Beast Morphers Blue Ranger
Lord Drakkon (from Shattered Grid)

Wave 2 (August 2019)

Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger I
Lost Galaxy Magna Defender I
Beast Morphers Red Ranger
Beast Morphers Gold Ranger

Wave 1 (April 2019)

Mighty Morphin White Ranger
Lord Zedd (from Might Morphin Power Rangers)
S.P.D. Shadow Ranger
Dino Charge Red Ranger

Versus Packs and Other 2-Packs

Packs bundle together two 6 inch figures.

Tenga Warriors 2-Pack (2023)
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger II vs. Scorpina 2-Pac (2021)
In Space Blue Ranger vs. Psycho Silver 2-Pack (2021)
In Space Red Ranger vs. Astronema 2-Pack (2020)
S.P.D. B-Squad Blue Ranger vs. A-Squad Blue Ranger 2-Pack (2020)
Lost Galaxy Red Ranger vs. Psycho Red 2-Pack (2019)
Mighty Morphin Green Ranger (Fighting Spirit style) vs. Putty Patroller 2-Pack (2019)

Deluxe Monsters

Mighty Minotaur (2023)
Rita Repulsa (2023)
Snizzard (2022)
Pirantishead (2022)
Eye Guy (2021)
Pudgy Pig (2021)
Pumpkin Rapper (2020)
King Sphinx (2020)

Deluxe Single Packs

Turbo Blue Senturian (2023)

Deluxe Vehicle Packs

In Space Silver Ranger with Silver Cycle (2023)
Time Force Blue Ranger with Vector Cycle (2022)
In Space Blue Ranger with Galaxy Glider (2022)

List of Exclusive Lightning Collection 6 Inch Figures

The Lightning Collection product line includes an extensive variety of figures exclusive to a particular retailer or event. Some store exclusive figures are also available in limited quantities from Hasbro Pulse.

Amazon Exclusive

Finster (March 2022) also available from Hasbro Pulse
Astronema and Ecliptor 2-pack (February 2022) also available from Hasbro Pulse
S.P.D. Omega Ranger and Uniforce Cycle 2-pack (August 2020)
Psycho Rangers 5-Pack (August 2020)

Best Buy Exclusive

S.P.D. A-Squad Green Ranger (December 2021) also available from Hasbro Pulse

GameStop Exclusive

Goldar (August 2019)
Psycho Blue (September 2019)
Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa 25th Wedding Anniversary 2-pack (August 2020)
S.P.D. A-Squad Pink Ranger (December 2021)
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger II and Zeo Ranger I – Pink 2-pack (February 2022)
Cel-Shaded Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger (February 2022)
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger and Mighty Morphin Red Ranger “Swap” 2-pack (December 2022) Mighty Morphin Tenga Warriors Pack 2-pack (January 2023)
Lost Galaxy Yellow Ranger (June 2023)
S.P.D. B-Squad Yellow Ranger (June 2023)

Hasbro Pulse Exclusive

Psycho Green (July 2020)
Putty Patroller 2-pack (August 2020)
Lord Drakkon (Evo III) (September 2020)
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger II (Metallic Armor) (December 2020)
Cogs 2-pack (exclusive to Hasbro Pulse: September 2021)
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger II (Metallic Armor) (December 2021)
Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger (Metallic Armor) (December 2021)
Mighty Morphin Black Ranger II (Metallic Armor) (December 2021)
Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger II (Metallic Armor) (December 2021)
Pudgy Pig (January 2022)

Online Retailers Exclusive

These figures are available online only and not in-store. Several of the online retailer exclusive figures are mashup figures combining Power Rangers with other popular franchises like Cobra Kai, Street Fighter and Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In Space Red Ecliptor (May 2022)
S.P.D. A-Squad Red Ranger (October 2021)
S.P.D. A-Squad Yellow Ranger (November 2021)

Power Rangers x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Morphed Raphael and Foot Soldier Tommy 2-pack (December 2021)
Morphed Leonardo and Morphed Donatello 2-pack (December 2021)
Morphed Shredder (January 2022)
Morphed Michelangelo and Morphed April O’Neil 2-pack (January 2022)

Power Rangers x Street Fighter
Morphed Ryu/Crimson Hawk Ranger (February 2023)
Morphed Chun-Li/Blazing Phoenix Ranger (February 2023)
Morphed Cammy White/Stinging Crane Ranger
Morphed Ken Masters/Soaring Falcon Ranger

Power Rangers x Cobra Kai
Morphed Daniel LaRusso/White Crane Ranger
Morphed Samantha LaRusso/Pink Mantis Ranger

San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger I with Dragon Shield and Zeo Gold Ranger II 2-pack (Summer 2019)

Target Exclusive

Dino Charge Black Ranger (July 2020)
Disguised Andros (October 2021)
Mighty Morphin Ninja White Ranger (April 2022)
Mighty Morphin Ninja Pink Ranger I (April 2022) also available from Hasbro Pulse
Mighty Morphin Ninja Black Ranger (May 2022)
Mighty Morphin Ninja Blue Ranger (May 2022)
Tyrannosaurus Sentry (July 2022)
Mighty Morphin Ninja Red Ranger (November 2022)
Mighty Morphin Ninja Yellow Ranger (November 2022)
Mighty Morphin Ninja Pink Ranger II (November 2022)

Walgreens Exclusive

Mighty Morphin Black Ranger I with Dragon Shield (October 2019)
Dino Thunder White Ranger (September 2020)
In Space Silver Ranger (October 2021) also available from Hasbro Pulse

Walmart Exclusive

Zordon and Alpha 5 2-pack (September 2020)
Power Pop 4 Pack Dino Fury Red Ranger, Dino Charge Pink Ranger, Wild Force Lunar Wolf Ranger, and Zeo Cog

List of Zord Ascension Project Products

The Zords in the series are detailed, premium collectibles for ages 15 and up. The Dino Megazord may combine with Dragonzord to form Mega Dragonzord!

MZ-0602 In Space Astro Megazord (March 2023)
MZ-0121 Mighty Morphin Dragonzord (November 2022)
MZ-0101 Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord (June 2022)
MZ-0101.2 Dino Megazord (Special Edition Black and Gold) (October 2022; June 2023 re-release)

Hasbro Power Rangers Zord Ascension Project

List of Lightning Collection Role-Play Collectibles for Display or Cosplay

So far, almost all of the Hasbro Lightning Collection role-play items take inspiration from the Might Morphin Power Rangers series. The only exception is the Lord Drakkon Helmet, which is inspired by the Shattered Grid comic book, which envisions an alternate reality for the Might Morphin Power Rangers.


Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Helmet (November 2022)
Mighty Morphin Lord Drakkon Helmet (August 2022) Gamestop exclusive
Mighty Morphin Lord Zedd Helmet (January 2022)
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Helmet (July 2021) Gamestop exclusive with Hasbro Pulse
Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Helmet (August 2020)
Mighty Morphin White Ranger Helmet (October 2019)

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Helmets

Power Morphers

Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Power Morpher (2022) Gamestop exclusive
Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Power Morpher (2021) GameStop Exclusive
Mighty Morphin Power Morpher (2020) Walmart Exclusive

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Power Morpher

Power Weapons

Mighty Morphin Power Daggers (2023)
Mighty Morphin Power Lance (2022)
Mighty Morphin Power Sword (2022)
Mighty Morphin Dragon Dagger (2021)

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Weapons Prop Replicas

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