Zophis Lightsaber Crystal | Kyber Crystal Profile

A Zophis crystal is a type of kyber crystal found on Zoph, a planet in the far flung Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy.

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Prior to the Clone Wars era, certain aspiring Jedi Padawan journey to Zoph in search of a kyber crystal for constructing their first lightsaber. Crystals from the planet create a devastating, yet unstable blade. A lightsaber equipped with a Zophis crystal is capable of cutting through the lightsaber-resistant material durasteel, while at the same time the crystal remains vulnerable to its inherently unstable core.

During the Clone Wars era, the Confederacy maintains control of the planet Zoph. As a result, Jedi hopefuls instead flock to the planet Illum for their kyber crystals rather than Zoph. Kyber crystals from Illum are typically much less volatile than ones from Zoph.

Behind the Scenes

Kyber crystals from the planet Zoph are first mentioned in Rise of the Separatists (2019), a supplement to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (RPG) by the publisher Fantasy Flight Games.

No photo or image of the Zophis crystal is known to exist.

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