Groundbreaking METAL Lightsaber Blade Line with Glowing Edges Released | New Product Alert

Mystic Knights Armory has developed and released a product line of genuine metal lightsaber blades. The design features two aluminum flat sides sandwiching an acrylic core. When the flat blade illuminates, the sword edges light-up like the glowing edges of the famed Darksaber in Star Wars lore. This is the first ever metal lightsaber blade product line produced by any custom saber company.

Mystic Knights currently offers three blade designs: Starfighter, Katana, and Wakizashi. The Starfighter design was developed to complement the Mystic Knights Starfighter lightsaber, medieval-style lightsaber with a sword-like metal crossguard.

The company offers the blade plain (no etching), with a pre-made etch design, or with a custom etch design. All three blade designs come in two versions: standard (for base-lit custom sabers) or pixel (for pixel sabers).

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Mystic Knights Armory Metal Lightsaber Blades for Cosplay

In 2016, Gary Ripper of Ripper Blades developed the first sword-like flat acrylic lightsaber blade. Since then, flat lightsaber blades have been increasing in popularity. Recent official Star Wars content continues to periodically showcase both flat lightsaber blades and sword-like hilts. Flat lightsaber blades appear onscreen in both Star Wars Visions (katana style blades) and The Mandalorian (Darksaber). Additionally, High Republic era content also features many sword-like crossguard lightsaber hilts, although the lightsabers emit standard blades that form more a cylindrical shape.

These new metal lightsaber blades follow in the tradition of the flat acrylic blades, particularly due to the metal blade’s flat acrylic edges and core. The metal lightsaber blades, however, create an enhanced “real sword” vibe while still maintaining glowing acrylic edges just like the all-acrylic blades.

Note that the metal lightsaber blades are for display and cosplay purposes only and are NOT suitable for dueling.

Mystic Knights launched the the Starfighter Metal Lightsaber Blade, the company’s first metal lightsaber blade design, in January 2023. In March 2023 the company added Japanese-style Katana and Wakizashi designs.

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