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The Matthea Cathley lightsaber is a single-bladed blue lightsaber wielded by Jedi Padawan Matthea “Matty” Cathley. Cathley is a High Republic era female Twi’lek Jedi Padawan. She is apprenticed to Jedi Master Leebon and serves the Jedi Order and the Republic. She is dispatched to find Jedi Knight Vildar Mac on Jedha and assist in the investigation of a stolen relic.

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Matthea Cathley lightsaber emits a blue blade and the hilt features gold accents
IMAGE CREDIT Marvel Comics / Disney

Matthea Cathley lightsaber in Star Wars Canon

Like many High Republic era lightsabers, the Matthea Cathley lightsaber hilt features regal, gold accents. Some of the defining hilt features include a curved gold shroud near the emitter and an angled gold pommel, in some character illustrations. The lightsaber emits a brilliant blue blade.

Matthea Cathley studies the ways of the Force under the guidance of Selonian female Jedi Master Leebon. Around 382 BBY Cathley is dispatched to Jedha, a small desert moon in the Mid Rim Territories, in order find Jedi Knight Vildar Mac and assist him in investigating a theft of a relic from the Shrine of Sarrav. She finds him, explains the mission, and informs him that locals on Jedi are not very welcoming to Jedi. Investigating the theft supersedes the original plan of going straight to the convocation chambers on the planet.

When a group dark side of the Force adepts known as Sorcerer’s of Tund arrive on the planet, Mac is taken aback and responds by igniting his lightsaber. Cathley calms him down, explaining that the group is welcome on the planet and are part of the Convocation of the Force, a religious council bringing together Disciples of the Whills, the Fallanassi, the Lonto, the Matukai, the Jedi Order among others. Before the pair can begin searching for the stolen item, Tey Serrik causes Mac to fall unconscious. When the Jedi comes to, Mac utilizes psychometry, to pursue Serrik. Psychometry, or Force echo, enables an individual to touch an object and learn about events associated with object. After several close encounters with Serrik, the Cathley and Mac eventually find him attempting to sell Mac’s lightsaber.

Behind the Scenes

The Matthea Cathley lightsaber first appears on the cover of the comic book Star Wars The High Republic 1 (2022).

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