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Saberforge Reaper Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, an original curved-hilt design, features a crown emitter shroud in the style of the Saberforge Renegade hilt. Saberforge offers multiple finish options and electronics configurations. Saberforge released the Reaper lightsaber and another curved-hilt called Aegis in mid November 2022.

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Saberforge Reaper Lightsaber Standard Finish (left) Weathered Finish (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

Reaper is comprised of a CNC machined aluminum hilt that measures 12.25 inches long and has an outside diameter (OD) of 1.5 inches. Blade socket accepts a 1 inch diameter blade. A defining feature of the thin neck hilt is the bold crown emitter shroud, resembling castle notches. The notched vented pommel echoes the aesthetic of the emitter shroud. Two choke points are situated above the centrally-located switch section. Curved grip section favors one-handed dueling in the tradition of rapier and saber fencing.

Saberforge offers multiple finish options for Reaper: Chrome (an all-chrome silver finish), Standard (two-toned silver with black accents), Weathered (mostly black with silver edges) or Black (all-black). Hilt comes empty (for DIY or display) or installed with electronics. Electronics options include: Warrior (in-hilt LED, no sound), Veteran and Champion (in-hilt LED sound saber), or Hero Pixel. Hero Pixel is a neopixel saber configuration equipped with a Sabertec Golden Harvest V3 soundboard.

Saberforge is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world. Based in the United States, the company offers one of the widest selections of custom lightsaber designs. In addition to offering their own in-house designs, Saberforge also sells TXQ and LGT sabers.

Saberforge (Etsy) affiliate link


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