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Jawa’s Junkyard Bright Star Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the regal design of the ancient Lord Covax lightsaber, featuring a striking fan-shaped crossguard and an exposed kyber crystal. Jawa’s Junkyard offers the Bright Star lightsaber an empty hilt with two configurations: Static Mode (for display) or FX Mode (capable of accepting electronics). Jawa’s Junkyard began accepting orders for the Bright Star Lightsaber in late November 2022.

Jawa’s Junkyard (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/jawasJunkyardCustoms affiliate link

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Jawa's Junkyard Bright Star Lightsaber
Jawa’s Junkyard Bright Star Lightsaber (Covax inspired) | IMAGE CREDIT Jawa’s Junkyard

The Bright Star Lightsaber is comprised of a fully CNC machined hilt crafted from T6 6061 aircraft aluminum. Hilt features a two-toned finish that’s anodized to look like a dark steel color with gold accents. Hilt features a 7/8 inch diameter blade holder. The inside diameter (ID) measures about 27 mm. The corkscrew-like emitter spiral is not removable. Bright Star features intricate geometric detailing throughout the hilt. A circular, flat pommel section with gold accents completes the look of the hilt.

Hilt features two configurations: Static Moe or FX Mode. Hilt uses magnets to attach the top gold segment of the circle that holds the decorative kyber crystal. FX Mode configuration, which enables an electronics installation, features thread on the blade holder cup. Jawa’s Junkyard states that once installed the blade holder is not removable from the hilt. The magnetic floating crystal holder may still be reattached to the hilt, however.

Bright Star is currently the first and only Lord Corvax inspired hilt run in the custom saber market to date.

Jawa’s Junkyard (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/jawasJunkyardCustoms affiliate link
Jawa’s Junkyard https://www.jawasjunkyard.com

Jawa’s Junkyard is an Australia based custom saber company specializing in limited runs of niche character inspired lightsaber hilts.

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