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The KR Sabers x One Replicas ECO Hero ROTJ lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Luke ROTJ Hero lightsaber. As an ECO, the hilt is engineered to be simpler and less expensive while still being highly accurate and capable of accepting electronics. The hilt is available as an empty hilt kit or an empty hilt kit with chassis and DIY install kit (standard or crystal chamber chassis options). A limited run, KR Sabers released the ECO Hero ROTJ lightsaber hilt in September 2021.

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KR Sabers x One Replicas Eco Hero ROTJ lightsaber
KR Sabers x One Replicas ECO Hero ROTJ lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT KR Sabers

The ECO Hero ROTJ lightsaber is a budget friendly (i.e. ECO) design adapted from the 2016 Hero. The hilt is CNC machined from AL 6061 with anodized accent colors including: an accurate gold neck, gray control box lining, and black grip section.

The hilt kit includes: the ECO Hero ROTJ lightsaber hilt, emitter heatsink ‘cup’, copper control box PCB card, switch LED PCB card, switch mechanism kit (with springs, grub screws, plungers), tri-ring, two removable pommels (one vented, one unvented). A screen accurate blade plug is included as well. The hilt kit comes mostly assembled. The user must attach the Tri-ring and glue the copper rails on the side of the control box.

The DIY install kit includes the following electronics parts: Proffie v2.2 Soundboard, 15A KeepPower 18650 Removable Battery, High Amp Kill Switch, 28mm Bass Speaker, 2 x NPXL V3 Short Pin PCBs, ECO Blade Side PCB, Red Accent LED Resistor, Green Accent LED Resistor, NeoPixel Accent LED. Buy may select either an ECO Chassis or ECO Crystal Chamber Chassis. The kit with the DIY crystal chamber chassis also includes: NeoPixel Accent LED, 470ohm Resistor, 8 x 2x2mm Neodymium Magnets and 1.5mm Brass Rod.

KR Sabers posted an assembly and demo video of the ECO Hero ROTJ lightsaber here.

In 2020, KR Sabers released an ECO Luke ROTJ V2 lightsaber.

KR Sabers

One Replicas (Etsy) affiliate link

One Replicas is a Spain based custom saber company offering empty hilts, including the slimmed-down Super Stunt series, along with a selection of lightsaber parts and components.

Image depicts the KR Sabers x One Replicas ECO Hero ROTJ lightsaber

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